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Larry Bird

Larry Bird’s trash talk was legendary, but that’s not the only difficult thing about him. The guy’s mental capacity is made of steel, and no one could shake him in fear. Not even a life-threatening injury and a bad fall.

Back pain, bad fall

Larry Bird retired at 35, but he knew his time was up a year earlier. Bird suffered a serious back injury, a compressed nerve in his back, nearly ending his career in the 90/91 season. The only reason he kept going was his winning mentality.

In a crucial playoff series against the Indiana Pacers, tied 2-2, and with Game 5 up for grabs at the Boston Celtics’ home court, Bird thwarted the odds and helped his team win. He scored 30 points on 12-14 shots. From the way he plays, you wouldn’t have guessed that The Legend had been hospitalized a few days before. Verdict of his back pain: surgery necessary.

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Larry decided to keep playing and go under the knife in the offseason. What made his performance more like Jesus was that he also suffered a bad crash in the first quarter of the game. The soft striker hit his head so hard that he had to go to the locker room for the first exams.

When I hit the ground, I thought I had broken my jaw, because I couldn’t move my mouth. I was in a lot of pain, but I could hear the crowd there and I was like, “I can’t leave those guys alone.”

Bird’s chatter was tough, but her mindset was tougher. If it was any other player, he would have preferred to drop this one and try to preserve the body for next season. But Bird probably thought it was the end of it no matter what, so he wanted his team to win and decided to hang up the following year.

Legend of Larry Bird

You cannot question Bird’s commitment. In today’s era where players are holding their teams hostage by taking time off, using personal reasons or sanity as a shield, the Boston Celtics legend is setting the bar high when it comes to putting it all on the table. floor.

French Lick’s Hick delivered, and his return was crucial in winning the match. In fact, Pacers coach Bob Hill predicted Larry’s second-half goal barrage. This explains how league rivals have respected what Bird brings to the table. No one counted him despite back pain and a bad fall.

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