Warriors Announces Promotions and Additions to Basketball Operations | Golden State Warriors

The Golden State Warriors have announced the following promotions within the team’s basketball operations department: Mike Dunleavy Jr. as vice president, basketball operations; Nick U’Ren as Executive Director, Basketball Operations and Zaza Pachulia like liaison, basketball and business.

Dunleavy Jr. recently completed his second season as the Warriors’ assistant general manager. He joined the front office in 2018 as a Pro Scout after a 15-year career in the NBA that included more than four seasons with the Warriors (2002-07). U’Ren, entering his eighth season with the team, has spent the past three seasons as director of basketball operations. Pachulia was appointed a consultant, both business and basketball, in 2019 after a 16-year NBA playing career. He was a member of the 2017 and 2018 Warriors Championship teams.

Besides, Kent lacob was appointed Executive Director, Team Development; Ryan atkinson as Director, Team Development and Mujtaba Elgoodah as a manager, team development. Yarone Arbel joined as Director, International Scouting and Business Intelligence and Albert Robledillas like Scout International. Jonnie West was appointed Director, Professional Scouting and Michael lee as a Pro Scout. Onsi Saleh joined Legal and Strategy as Assistant Team Counsel. Chloe walkup has been appointed Manager, Team Operations and Family Services; Bert ortiz as Director, Kitchen Operations and Evan reyes as assistant chef. Maverick Grier and John murray have been added as team security.

In Player Health and Performance, Dr Rick Celebrini has been appointed Vice President, Player Health and Performance; Drawn Yoder as Director, Medical Services and Carl Bergstrom as Director, Performance. Antoine Darmiento was added as a performance coach and director of applied sports science; David taylor as director, R&D on player health and performance; Dana Lis as a nutritionist and Dani Langford as manager, rehabilitation of players.

On the coaching staff, Leandro Barbosa, Jacob Rubin and Kris weem were appointed player development coaches. The team added Lainn Wilson as chief video coordinator with Hilton armstrong and Will Sheehey as assistant video coordinators.

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