Thomas returns as Jamestown boys’ basketball head coach

The Jamestown Eagles men’s basketball team will find a familiar face as head coach for the coming season.

Caleb Thomas has been named the new head coach of the Jamestown High School and High School boys’ basketball teams.

Thomas previously served as an assistant coach for the Jamestown varsity team for three years from 2015 to 2018 before moving to Stover, where he also spent three years as a varsity assistant coach.

Thomas said he decided to return to Jamestown because of his familiarity with the school and the respect he had for the school administration since his first stint with the Eagles.

Making an impact on the lives of his players is his favorite thing as a coach, Thomas said.

“My favorite part about training is being able to see the impact you can have on your student-athletes and watch them grow in life and as an athlete,” said Thomas.

When the season begins, he said, some of the skills the team will focus on include shooting the ball, rebounds, defending against pressure and conditioning.

“First, we’re going to spend a lot of time shooting the ball; it is obviously an important skill, but it is definitely something that we have to be a force for us, ”said Thomas. “Two, rebounding, offensively and defensively. Being able to create second chances and limit the second chances of other teams is something that I would also like to be our strength. Third, defense against pressure and conditioning. We will be hurrying and running a lot. If we can be really good at these two areas, we should have the ability to be really competitive. “

As the season progresses, the plan is for workouts to take on a new look, Thomas said.

“Practices will be different as things progress,” Thomas said. “(At) the start of the season and the preseason, the focus will be on integrating and making all our offensive elements work well, as well as learning what we want on the defensive end. Lots of individual skill work, shooting, dribbling, dribbling moves, post moves and scoring. Focus on the little things as much as possible. As the season progresses, training time will always be devoted to preparing the opponent to come… to support daily training habits.

As the season progresses, Thomas has said he would like to see the team develop their confidence in the way they play.

“Focus on preparing as much as possible for each game and on the confidence we have a chance to win each game,” said Thomas.

Thomas said he has very simple expectations for players during the season: always bring their “three essentials”, energy, effort and intensity. Eagles athletes under Thomas should also be prepared to show high quality sportsmanship, be the kind of teammate every player wants and have fun.

Thomas said that when the season starts, having fun and putting in a good effort will be in the foreground.

“The goals for the start of the season are: to play every game to the best of our ability, to show sportsmanship to the highest degree, to do what I think we can do defensively, and the old man cliché: have fun as much as possible, said Thomas.

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