This time the Howard brothers fought with Zaire Wade

Every week during the college basketball season and every other week during the offseason, former Michigan basketball star Tim McCormick joins TMI’s Sam Webb for a podcast called “The Michigan Basketball Insider.” Each show features a deep dive into the X’s and O’s and statistical analysis of Michigan games, commentary on college basketball in the Big Ten and beyond, and interviews with topics from the vast array of contacts from Tim.

McCormick spent 10 seasons playing in the NBA after being the No. 12 picks in the 1984 draft. Since the end of his professional career, he has worked as a consultant to NBA players for the past two decades, teaching strategies to improve performance and achieve greatness. Additionally, he leads the NBA Players Association Basketball Top 100 camp for the nation’s top high school basketball prospects. Tim also provides color analysis as a broadcaster for ESPN’s college basketball coverage and Fox Sports Detroit’s Detroit Pistons coverage.

Jett Howard joins this week’s episode to reflect on his outstanding performances in the Jordan Classic and the Allen Iverson Classic. Attention then turns to the advice he received from Iverson and other pros. Next, Howard reflects on the hard love lessons he learned from his father and brother on the hardwood and the memorable stories of growing up with and playing games against the sons of other pros. Howard ends his appearance by talking about the growth of his game and Michigan’s transfer port business. Tim McCormick and Sam Webb close the podcast by reflecting on Tim’s participation in the NBA draft and Moussa Diabate’s impressive performance. The duo then discuss rumors in league circles about their draft prospects and those of Caleb Houstan. The podcast ends with a discussion of some portal possibilities for Michigan if Diabate and/or Houstan turn pro.

In the exception below, Howard reflects on the time he and his brother confused him with Zaire Wade in the Heat’s practice gym.

Tim McCormick: “When I think about having an NBA champion dad, I know you have some great stories about (how maybe) you’ve been at LeBron’s, or D Wade was in your backyard with you, or you play a- in face to face with chris bosh… I know there’s a story that nobody knows about these guys and how they grew up under the headlines of the Miami Heat. What is this story ?

Jett Howard: “Okay, I have three stories in mind. So we’re in the Heat (facility) and we have like a training ground. They have a training ground that they allow kids and family to play in. I didn’t really care about the game to be honest I just wanted to go upstairs and shoot and work on my game I liked watching basketball but working on it was (more fun) for me. So all the kids will go up there… Bronny (James), Zaire Wade. James Jones’ little kid… every kid would go up there. So we would run five on five, and we would run five on five (that day). Bronny was on my team, and the son of Zaire and Bob McAdoo was on the other team. That’s all I remember…and my brother was on my team too. So we go back and forth and I make a big mistake in Zaire. (Laugh). I made a mistake hard on Zaire, and I did it on purpose because we didn’t like each other at the time. (Laugh). We didn’t love each other. »

Sam Webb: “It sure is old Heat stuff over there.”

Jett Howard: “Yo, we didn’t like each other. So. Zaire threw the ball at me like my chest. So I look at Jace and I’m like, ‘Jace, you let him do this to me?!’ (Laugh). So we charge in and it’s quite a fight in the Heat room. Our fathers had to have discussions with us… D-Wade, and all that. But now we are brothers to this day. We love each other, me and Zaire. But I just remember that day being the craziest day because we were so competitive at a young age. We didn’t want to lose the five-on-five because that’s all we cared about. We don’t really care about games. Even in the final, we would still be up there playing basketball. We wouldn’t even watch the game. (Laugh). We were so spoiled. We didn’t understand the importance of winning back then.

Sam Webb: “So I have to rewind the tape a bit.” You said Zaire threw the ball at you, then you looked at Jace and said, ‘Jace, gone, let him do this to me… (laughs)’

Jett Howard: “Hey…Jace…that’s the only time I’ve seen him defend me, for real.” Jace sprinted. We everything sprinted. (Laughter) And everything that happened, happened. We can just leave it at that.

Sam Webb: “I was just wondering when did the big brother say, ‘no, you’re going to do it, so I’ll support you’…or did he run there first?

Jett Howard: “Every time. It’s usually that. He would say, no, it’s not (my problem)… I don’t have a problem with him. That’s the only time he stood up for me. And I will never forget him. He stood up for me.”

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