‘Strong Feeling’ Bronny James Will Play College Basketball: Fans React

Bronny James #0 of the Sierra Canyon Pioneers. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Bronny James will soon be playing his senior year of high school basketball. The real mystery begins soon after; will he go to university or abroad?

According to a report, there is a “strong feeling” that Bronny James will indeed play college basketball.

There are five major college programs that would pursue the talented prospect: Michigan, Ohio State, Oregon, UCLA and USC.

“Some big programs are interested in Bronny James,” NBA wrote on ESPN.

“Schools recruiting Bronny James: UCLA Michigan Ohio State USC Oregon et al…” wrote Legion Hoops.

“Bronny James should be playing college basketball rather than joining the G League Ignite or other developmental leagues before entering the NBA draft,” Sports Illustrated said.

“Bronny James, four star of 2023, is recruited by these schools, according to @PaulBiancardi. Bronny also boasts a NIL rating of $6.4 million by On3, the highest of any high school or college sport,” Joe Tipton wrote.

“There’s a ‘strong feeling’ Bronny James will be going to college, for @PaulBiancardi Which school should he choose?” asked The Sporting News.

Bronny James would be a college basketball star if he went that route. It looks like it’s trending in that direction.

In which school should he play basketball in 2023?

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