Spurs named ‘least watchable’ team in NBA by USA Today

SAN ANTONIO –The beloved San Antonio Spurs have just been called out by USA Today in what is perhaps the most unofficial poll on the internet.

Silver and Black were ranked as the least watchable NBA team by the media.

USA Today writer Charles Curtis ranked all 30 NBA teams from least to most watchable and ranked the Spurs dead last while the Brooklyn Nets took first place.

Curtis said he felt “horrible about this one, mainly because there is a possibility [that] the chances of seeing Gregg Popovich’s coach are diminishing.

Curtis has said he is a fan of point guard Dejounte Murray and believes the 25-year-old has had an exceptional season, but that might not be enough to save him from angry Spurs fans.

“In a league where shooting is a must, beyond Doug McDermott they don’t have much,” Curtis said of Spurs.

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He said there are other teams that are worse in the standings, but he “can’t see me being excited about a Spurs game this year”. Coarse.

So how did Curtis come up with the ranking? He said: “It’s a very unscientific combination of star power, how fun it is to watch said team and even some ‘I have to log in to see if this is going to be a train wreck.’

Try Curtis again.

Although he is not the only one to give the brush to Spurs. ESPN’s Zach Lowe also ranked Spurs quite low (No.27) on his watch list.

Perhaps San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg will block them on Twitter like he did with Drake after the rapper excluded Spurs from his clothing collection that showcases NBA dynasties.

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