Sisters-in-law take over basketball from Marion and Grundy daughters: promise there will be no sibling rivalry

On June 18, Marion County High School hired a new head coach to take over the women’s basketball program at Kasey Woodlee. Less than a week later, her sister-in-law Brittany Woodlee accepted the position of head coach of the Grundy County High School girls’ basketball team. While these two say they are going to face each other, they assure that there is no sibling rivalry out there.

Kasey has spent the past 13 years coaching in Grundy and Sequatchie counties before being offered the opportunity to work in Marion County. During her time in Grundy County, she had a player on her team who she says she was close with, but she could never have known how close they would end up being. This player ? Brittany, and while she may have started out as another player on the team, these two would bond and end up being called family.

They both laughed when asked how Brittany came to be in the family: “I started dating her brother in second year of high school, and her other sister was also my best friend, so j ‘was close to the family to begin with,’ said Brittany. . “I ended up marrying him, still with him today, so we’ve always been close from day one,” Brittany said. “I think they kept it from me for a while, I don’t think I knew they had been dating for a while,” Kasey said as the two laughed.

This will be Brittany’s first year of coaching high school, “I coached at North Elementary for seven years, and for the last few years they’ve asked me to come coach in Grundy County, and I don’t. didn’t do it because of my kids, but they’ve aged a bit and I feel like I can handle them and train them in high school, so I decided to give it a shot this year, ”Brittany said.“ She said. had a lot of success, but she won’t say that, “Kasey said,” I think you’ve probably won every championship, but one haven’t you? “Kasey asks Brittany. Brittany acknowledged the success that ‘She got in elementary school, but says she understands the challenges that face her as she moves up to become a high school coach. “Of course elementary and high school are two different things, so I know I have a big learning curve ahead, ”Brittany said.

Luckily for Brittany, she has a mentor to help her adjust to the challenges of coaching high school basketball. “Oh yeah, I know I can call him anytime, I already did,” Brittany said as the two laughed. “I already rang her phone and worried her to death,” Brittany said. Brittany credits Kasey and her father

Brittany Woodlee (behind No.44) as a player in Grundy County High School under coach Kasey Woodlee (far left)

inspiring him to coach, “[she] and his father instilled in me the love of coaching. During my freshman year of high school, we held a junior pro program for fundraising and she had the juniors and seniors each coach a junior pro group. So we coached, and that’s where I decided I liked coaching and I’ve been doing it ever since, ”said Brittany.

“A lot of my coaching style comes from her and her dad,” said Brittany, “Everything I do comes from her. My defense, my offense, my drills, my training, I mean that the two of us will be on the sidelines and everything I’ve learned is from her, “Brittany said.” I’m going to have to change it up a bit, “Brittany said of her game plan when it is time. to play against Kasey and the Lady Warriors next season.

Kasey says seeing one of his players follow in his footsteps and become a coach is one of the most rewarding parts of his job. “As a coach, I guess my biggest achievement is that once they graduate they come back to you and communicate with you, so it’s good for my old players to come back, especially if they do what I do. ‘have done. As a coach, seeing her do this is gratifying for me, ”said Kasey. “She is raising my nephews and is a great mom more than anything, but an exceptional coach and I’m happy,” Kasey said. “Now I won’t be happy two nights of the season,” Kasey said with a laugh, “I’ll be ‘Go Grundy’ except for two nights.”

The two dismissed the idea of ​​sibling rivalry or family bragging rights at stake when their two schools are playing out. “We’re going to be competitive, but at the end of the day we’re going to love each other,” said Brittany. “We’ve always been close, I think our family maybe a little more nervous than us,” Kasey said, “someone asked my dad the other day at a golf benefit” where will you be seated during this match? ‘and he said’ I’ll be sitting at home ‘he won’t even go try to find the middle,’ Kasey said as the two laughed. “I coached her, I know how competitive she is and I’m competitive too, but I think she would speak for that too, it’s about these kids that we shape,” Kasey said, “ that’s fine, but at the end of the day it’s really about those kids.

Kasey and Brittany will have their first chance to train against each other in high school on December 7, 2021, as the Lady Jackets travel to Marion County High School in the first of two matches the schools will have in the season. next. For their family and friends who are caught in the middle and don’t want to choose sides between the two, Kasey has the perfect solution, “they can wear purple and they would support both of us.”

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