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LOWELL – Terance Mann hasn’t forgotten the kindness and generosity of her Mill City neighbors as she climbs the professional basketball ranks.

The LA Clippers goaltender just wrapped up his second season with a sparkling performance in this year’s NBA Playoffs, including a 39-point night in the first round to help take out the Dallas Mavericks. Now he’s thrilled to be back in the region, sharing the game he loves with the next generation.

“There are so many different families that have helped me grow up,” Mann said. “Whether it’s to drive me to games or to drive me to school, to pick me up from school, things like that. So there are a lot of family friends who are still there that I am delighted to see.

From Monday to Wednesday of this week, Mann will be hosting the ‘Complete Players Camp’ at The Mill Works in Westford. The camp is open to all players aged 8 to 18.

On Thursday, he will host a free clinic at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell. The Complete Player Camp and the free clinic in Lowell will be held from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Mann’s Complete Player Camp is a tribute to William “Billy G” Gilmore, who was athletic director at the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell for 12 years. Gilmore passed away suddenly in 2018 at the age of 52.

“He was special to the community,” Mann said. “(I think) of the number of children’s lives he cared for, the number of adult men and women he made feel special and the trust he placed in the young people who were growing up when we were. the low.”

The Complete Player Camp exemplifies a standard that Mann has always strived to achieve.

“I would call myself a complete player who is capable of doing a lot of things and he’s not just a shooter or a pilot or a host,” said Mann. “I try to fit all of these different things into my game.”

Campers can expect to work on a wide range of skills and exercises, designed to promote versatility. While 3-point shooting is a favorite with players and fans alike, Mann’s coaches are planning through-the-floor shooting camps.

Mann said that as he grew up and played just about every day at Father Maguire Park, Shedd Park, and the Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell, Mann’s versatility on the pitch was developed by playing all over town.

Mann remembers Lowell’s courts as being very competitive. He didn’t consider himself to be one of the best players, especially at the start. Everyone was playing with the same goal.

“Mainly what I was trying to do all the time was prove myself to my friends and all of the older guys in the park,” Mann said.

Even though he has become one of the best players on the local courts, he said the NBA is still not in his vision.

“I wasn’t really thinking about the NBA or anything like that. It probably wasn’t until I started playing AAU in earnest in my sophomore high school that I really started to think about college basketball and not even the NBA.

Mann, 24, moved to Lowell from Brooklyn, NY, when he was 11. His love of the game developed in part because his mother was a coach. He and his younger brother grew up watching from the sidelines, waiting for opportunities to step onto the pitch and play.

Growing up, he found himself drawn to two of the game’s greatest players: Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant.

While Mann now looks like a potential key player for the Clippers, he’s just enjoying the moment before the preseason camps open in about a month.

“I try not to spend too much time thinking about it and just enjoying it and making the most of it,” he said.

For more information on the Complete Player Camp, visit synergybball.com/terance-mann/.

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