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Aniyah Augmon wanted to spend as much time as possible soaking up everything that made her high school basketball career so special before leaving for New Mexico.

The senior Priory graduate will join her new teammates this weekend for the summer conditioning program. She is also enrolled in the summer school there.

“I wouldn’t trade this moment for the world,” Augmon said after seed Mitty defeated the No. 5 Panthers 68-26 in a Center Section Open Division semi-final game from the coast on Wednesday.

Augmon was not. of course, speaking of the final score but his overall experience at the Priory, which was once considered a great place to visit but not a sports factory.

It’s still not a factory, but the boys and girls basketball teams have given Priory some credibility this season, each appearing in the open division for the first time in school history.

“The priory was a school that no one had heard of,” Augmon said. “We were nothing until Tatiana came in, and now we’re playing in the open division. It is an honor to be here.

This is Tatiana Reese, who graduated from the Priory a few years ago and who traveled to eastern Washington. On Wednesday she was back on the bench as the team manager.

Reese took Priory to his first State Final as a player, but until this year the Panthers never qualified for the Open Division.

Priory has never been complete this year and still managed to finish second behind Pinewood in the West Bay Athletic League and win his open division debut.

“They were bringing in fresh legs every two minutes,” Augmon said. “But I liked the way we preserved, playing despite the injuries. We have been so resilient all year round. We just decided to come here and give it everything we had.

Priory’s starting five went the distance while Mitty, with a deep bench, was able to substitute five at a time in the game.

Augmon, Bineta Diatta, Valentina Saric and Sydney Donovan helped Priory stay competitive early on, then Mitty increased her pressure on the pitch and forced turnovers.

Saric led Priory (10-4) with 10 points.

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