PC recording time | Wheatland High School basketball players win postseason awards

WHEAT – Three athletes from Wheatland High School received post-season awards as voted on by local coaches.

Rodee Eyebrow

Brow, a WHS senior, was selected to Wyoming’s 3A East All-Conference Basketball Team for the first time. Playing tenacious defense and being able to move the ball through difficult obstacles in attack, he was the consummate player, both in an assisting role in setting up the attack or as the go-to man when other players were double-teamed. He was a dual threat capable of going hard at the holeshot or shooting one from beyond the arc.

“Rodee Brow is the definition of a worker,” said his head coach Mick Cochran. “He’s one of the best defenders, best rebounders I’ve had the privilege of coaching, and his work ethic is second to none. He’s also a great person and so humble. no reasonably logical person would want on his side. He’s selfless and a true warrior. There isn’t a teammate who wouldn’t want Rodee in his burrow. He does a lot of intangibles on the basketball court, things that don’t may not be in the stats column but have a huge impact on the game.”

Brow, who is also part of Wheatland Rodeo, showed her mettle riding horses and wrestling steers. His tenacity has been demonstrated many times on the pitch. In addition, Brow recently set the school record in the pole vault with a jump of 14′.

“The award for the whole conference means a lot,” Brow said. “I hadn’t really won any awards for basketball, so this was an exciting first for me. As for the season, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t get back to normal, but we had a bit of a rough start. Overall, I’m happy with how we came together as a team, and I really had fun at the end.

Brow says he thinks he’ll go on and compete in college for an athletics program, but he hasn’t committed to a college program yet.

Kade Preit

Preuit is a senior at Wheatland High School and for the second straight year was selected to Wyoming’s 3A East All-Conference Basketball Team. He was also selected to the Wyoming Men’s Basketball All-State 3A team for the second year in a row. The coaches of 3A also awarded him for the second consecutive year, the player of the year. Preuit was a match-up problem for the defense, being too slick and fast for their bigs and generally taller than opposing guards. Although he is a master of slicing and holeshotting with incredible body control and larger than life hang time, he has also stepped up this year to make his outside shot a threat, leading the Bulldogs in shots three points for the year.

“Kade Preuit was All Conference and All State two years in a row, 3rd East Player of the Year two years in a row, and now 3rd player of the year,” Cochran said. “It’s been great working with him and watching him grow as a player and as a young man. He has dedicated a lot of time to basketball and has become a special talent. He led 3a in scoring and finished 4th in rebound in 2022 and has scored well over 1200 career points. His future in basketball is undecided but full of opportunities. Being a player like Kade is very difficult. Jealousy and expectations run wild in his situation. He has done very well handled it all. He will leave WHS as one of the most prolific scorers and a great person. We wish him all the best. Rodee and Kade have left their mark on WHS basketball, they have set the bar high for our young players, as players and as strong young men.

Preuit has yet to declare for college ball, but is looking for an opportunity to continue his career on the hard court.

“Well, it means a lot to receive all these honors, it means a lot to me because I’ve worked to try to be the best I can be,” Preuit said. “I spent many hours in the gym in my free time to be the best I could be. Obviously I wanted the team to do it, but it just wasn’t planned for us this weekend, but I’m am having fun playing with the group of guys we had. From now on I just plan to play basketball in college, haven’t decided where yet.

Lily Nichols

Nichols is the only Wheatland High School Lady Bulldog who was voted all-conference for Region 3A East. Nichols, only a sophomore, was also awarded all conferences in golf and cross country. In golf, she was named the state player of the year.

“Lily has worked hard to get this recognition from the coaches in our region,” said head coach Michelle Coplen. “She loves competition and it showed throughout the season. In every exercise, scrum or match, she participates. She was a leader with her actions. I remember at the start of our season she was put out of her comfort zone when we were short girls due to injuries and illness I think it pushed her limits and she realized she was capable of more than she thought at university level.

Nichols was among the team leaders in all stats in the 22 games she appeared in. She finished with 53 steals, she made 10 three-pointers, she had 17 assists and had 126 rebounds.

“Being selected for all conferences is, in my opinion, an honorable individual and team accomplishment,” Nichols said. “I think this season was my first year playing at the college level, although I was part of the team last year. Like the rest of my team, I’m young and will continue to improve at the next two years. Next year we’ll have the same team and I can’t wait to play alongside them. Unlike individual sports, I have a built-in support system; with every loss and every win, they experience it with me. I wouldn’t want it any other way. Team sports also require motivation similar to that required for individual sports. All the time and effort I have put into sport inevitably come back to me on competition days. The difference between the two is that in individual sports, the only person you rely on is yourself and your achievements are determined by your personal performance. In team sports, many determining factors t some result. To win a prestigious award, your abilities must impact those around you. Nevertheless, I thank my coaches and my team for helping me get this award.

Wheatland High School athletes Lily Nichols, Rodee Brow and Kade Preuit all earned postseason honors for basketball. Brow and Nichols were both 3A East All-Conference picks while Preuit was a repeat All-Conference and All-State pick and was also voted 3A Player of the Year for the second year in a row. History in section B.

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