Nirvana Water Sciences Heats Up With All-Star Basketball Player Kyle Lowry As Founding Investor

“An exceptional athlete, a caring husband and father and a compassionate community leader, Kyle represents the core values ​​of our brand,” reports Ernie Manansala, director of marketing of the company. “We are excited to bring Kyle’s championship pedigree to our team and lead the way for future investors.”

The basketball legend pushes his body to its limits every day. Lowry attributes its ability to recover quickly after intense training as a direct result of regular consumption of Nirvana HMB spring water.

Lowry tells us, “Nirvana HMB is good for my body and for everyone. Whether you are a professional athlete or shooting basket with your kids on the weekends, you can recover like a pro with the water from. source Nirvana HMB. ”

Backed by a suite of patents underlying myHMB® A clear compound, Nirvana is the first and only company to offer HMB-infused water. “HMB is scientifically proven to improve muscle performance, slow muscle loss due to age and disease, and decrease recovery time after muscle injury,” advises Naji Abumrad, MD. FACS, the chairman of the scientific advisory board of Nirvana.

“While I’m used to fierce competition,” Lowry says, “there’s no competition with Nirvana. No other company has infused muscle-building HMB water in a bottle.”

Lowry knows that the science behind Nirvana translates into real benefits. “Since I drink Nirvana HMB spring water, my muscles need less time to recover. My whole body bounces faster after a hard workout or game.”

“We are delighted that Kyle has chosen to join Nirvana,” said Chris Williams, director of sports partnerships for the company. “We look forward to Kyle being our brand spokesperson as we build an industry disruptive brand.”

About Nirvana Water Sciences Corp.

Nirvana is an active lifestyle brand that seeks to improve health and wellness with an exclusive line of infused functional bottled spring water products.

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SOURCE Nirvana Water Sciences Corp.

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