NBA: The 15 stars of the NBA who could change teams this offseason

OOnce the NBA Finals are over, attention will turn to preparing for the new NBA season. Teams will be looking to make signings and free agent trades, so there are a number of stars in the league who could step into the offseason.

When you narrow down the list based on potential wins, level of performance, and teams that will be interested, there are 15 top players who could move this offseason.

Kyle Kuzma (Los Angeles Lakers)

the Lakers have a lot of players set to leave in the near future, with the Andre Drummond, Alex Caruso, Dennis Schroder and Talen Horton-Tucker everything is ready to expire. The organization will need to decide who to keep and Kuzma could be sacrificed, despite his talent, especially if James lebron wants another star weapon to join him and Anthony davis.

Kuzma could be traded for a top all-star player, especially if the Lakers determine that signature Steph Curry as a free agent in 2022/23 will be impossible.

Tyler Herro (Miami Heat)

Having been one of the stars of the Heat’s race to the 2020 NBA Finals, Herro saw their stock drop in 2021 as the team failed to advance to the playoffs.

the Heat want to add a superstar to work in tandem with Jimmy butler with Russell westbrook, Damien lillard and Bradley Beal all possible candidates. For this to happen, Herro would need to be traded.

The teams, however, are concerned about his work ethic after a horrific second season in Miami and the lack of consistency is not going to attract many contenders, despite his obvious talent.

Marcus Smart (Boston Celtics)

It’s an off season of huge changes in Boston, with the former trainer Brad stevens evolve towards the position of general manager. One of his first jobs was to trade the heavy contract of Kemba walker in order to free up space for the ceiling, and now he wants to add some superstar talents to help Jaylen brown and Jayson tatum.

The Eastern Conference has teams with enormous individual qualities and the Celtics need to add something to match this so trade Clever away should be the first step.

Buddy Hield (Sacramento Kings)

the kings are likely to exchange Hield because the player has shown a clear desire to leave the city of Sacramento.

Since Luc Walton took over as manager, his numbers have dropped significantly and it would be better for all parties if he was transferred.

Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers)

Once an NBA star, Kevin Amour is a player who Cleveland are desperate to trade. His salary is problematic and the Cavs are undergoing large-scale reconstruction.

By the time the franchise is ready to compete again, the 32-year-old will no longer be old enough to contribute.

Collin Sexton (Cleveland Cavaliers)

The rumors are linked Sacristan with the Celtics for weeks like Cleveland are looking to trade it to win a lottery pick in this year’s draft.

the Cavs also want to ensure Darius garlandthe development of is not hindered and, thus, Sacristan is likely to be sacrificed.

Kristaps Porzingis (Dallas Mavericks)

If there has ever been an example of a losing team in a rally, then it is the The Dallas Mavericks‘move to bring Porzingis to the franchise as his New York Knicks contract was about to expire.

Dallas hoped to create a formidable double blow with Porzingis and Luka Doncic, but the Mavericks have since seen their coaching and leadership structure completely collapse.

Porzingis has been riddled with injuries since moving to Texas and he has what many consider to be one of the worst deals in the sport, at least when put against his contributions on the field since signing.

Its size and basketball skills make it an attractive product, however, and teams in the league will believe they can fix it. Boston have been linked, not having added a star since Kyrie Irving deceased.

For Dallas, this would free up space for the plugs and perhaps allow them to appease Doncic by building a team around him.

Myles Turner (Indiana Pacers)

Turner is a player who has been a defensive monster in 2021, averaging 3.4 blocks per game, which was the highest in the NBA.

An injury ended his campaign earlier, but it didn’t hurt the Lakers, Lawn mowers and Celtics. the Pacers are stuck between stability and reconstruction. Domantas sabonis and Malcolm brogdon have formed a competitive team, but they may decide that they do not need two physical appearances in Sabonis and Turner together.

Kemba Walker (Thunder of Oklahoma City)

Walker has already been traded this offseason, although it is increasingly believed that he may not even make his debut for the thunder.

the Lakers would be interested in adding a player with Walkerqualities and he could form a big three with James and Davis, but his injury issues are cause for concern.

Pascal Siakam (Toronto Raptors)

Toronto finally hit the wall after Kawhi Leonarddeparture. Although they finished second in the East in 2020, they failed to reach the playoffs in 2021 and finished with a modest 27-45 record.

Siakam was a fundamental part of the team that won the NBA Championship in 2019, but he was unable to become a franchise player following Leonard’s exit.

Siakam, however, remains a fierce physical presence and would be brilliant in a team that has a franchise player. You wonder if his arrival could convince Lillard stay in Portland? For now, the Raptors wishes to postpone his contract in order to begin a reconstruction process.

Brandon Ingram (New Orleans Pelicans)

Ingram is a star, but the pelicans are in a difficult situation because Zion Williamson is increasingly frustrated in New Orleans.

If we wants a team built around him with players who can complement his unique skills. Lillard had been seen as a perfect counterweight to If weit’s pure power, but Ingram would need to be traded for it to arrive.

Ben Simmons (Philadelphia 76ers)

Ben simmons was considered the player most comparable to James lebron throughout the early years of his career, but a crippling failure to improve his free throw shot put his continuity at Philly in jeopardy.

He was the main topic of discussion after the Sixersshocking elimination in the playoffs as he couldn’t be kept in the game in late rallies because he couldn’t shoot the free throw. You can’t pay a player more than $ 30 million a season if they can’t be in the game for the last few minutes of the fourth quarter.

In the regular season, however, Simmons is still pretty spectacular and there would be desperate teams to bring it in and improve its shortcomings.

CJ McCollum (Portland Trail Blazers)

After nine years, the Jackets decided it was time to change coaches, and it is not clear whether Lillard and McCollum are on the market.

Of the pair, the most likely to be traded is McCollum, especially if it can be traded for a star who keeps Lillard happy.

McCollum is a defensive liability and, if you look at a perfect fit, a change with Simmons in Philadelphia cream could be suitable for everyone.

Russell Westbrook (Washington Wizards)

Westbrook is an elite level artist who has not been able to find a home. Oklahoma City renounced him, then the Houston rockets did too. the Wizards took on his contract last summer knowing they would need to rebuild soon.

Washington want to exchange one of their two stars and the Sixers could be a perfect place to Westbrook given his style of play, his playoff experience and his ability to throw free throws.

the New York Knicks have an incredibly good defensive structure under Tom thibodeau, yet their series against the Atlanta hawks showed they were missing an elite goalscorer.

Westbrook would be a perfect fit, especially with new York having the most heading space in the league this offseason.

Bradley Beal (Washington Wizards)

Beal is the other Wizard which could force a removal. The franchise needs to be careful, but it’s obvious they want to cut their winning streak before the 2023 draft and get back to rebuilding themselves.

Several first-round picks would tempt the Wizards to seperrate from Beal, and the trade of Paul Georges of thunder at Lawn mowers will be the reference to show Washington just what they might consider fair value in a trade.

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