NBA Sneaker King Power Ranking: PJ Tucker shows off rare Jordan 12 PE; Anthony Davis in mix for first place

It’s finally time to end the regular season and get ready for a playoff game. If you think this season has been stacked by sneaker heat, you better brace yourself because it’s playoff time that real sneaker legends are created. Going forward, you’ll only see the biggest stars in the league sporting new colourways and showing off player exclusives they’ve worked on behind the scenes throughout the year.

But before we get to that, it’s time to put a bow on the regular season and highlight the players who finished 2020-2021 with the most heat on hardwood.

Draymond Green quietly put on another fantastic season on the pitch and he did it while constantly showing off his Converse sneakers. Green, who signed a huge multi-year contract with Converse in 2020, is wearing the Converse G4 on the court. As the face of Converse Basketball, Green enjoys the benefits of an almost unlimited supply of player-exclusive kicks and you check out some of these sneakers below. All the vintage and modern flavors of Green and Converse.

Draymond Green shows off the Converse G4.

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The Pistons aren’t in the NBA playoffs, so you won’t be able to see the heat from Frank Jackson’s sneakers anymore, but his run at the end of the regular season was impressive. Jackson decided to unload a very specific part of his Jordan collection: a stash of Jordan 13 basses. The Jordan 13 itself is a classic silhouette that was an integral part of Michael Jordan’s final act with the Bulls as the sneakers he wore when Chicago won the championship in 1997. So Jackson gets a well-deserved shout for to show oneself some Jordan 13 socks that he has in his collection.

Frank Jackson has decided to show off his basic Jordan 13 collection before the end of the season.

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The best Kevin Durant sneakers you’ll see this year are yet to come. It’s playoff time for Durant and the Nets and as a major Nike Basketball star, Durant is going to show off some pretty cool colorways in the weeks to come. Before the regular season ended, the Nets star launched the Nike KD14, so get ready to see some pretty cool things on this shoe in the near future. In the meantime, check out the Nike KD14 flavors Durant was able to lace up before the regular season ended below.

Kevin Durant in the Nike KD14.

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There’s no official word on when you’ll see Kawhi Leonard debuting the next shoe in his signature line with New Balance, but it probably won’t be too far down the road. Now that we wait for this news to fall, we’ll continue to admire the New Balance KAWHI, Leonard’s first signature shoe. The various colourways and player exclusives have been some of the best in the NBA this season, and they’ll be something to keep an eye out for as Leonard heads into the playoffs.

Kawhi Leonard in his signature New Balance KAWHI.

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Stephen Curry has just become the longest-serving NBA champion since Michael Jordan made it in the late 90s, he is an MVP finalist for the first time in years and new data suggests his sneakers could have played a big role in all of this. . Curry has worn his Under Armor Curry Flow 8 kicks all season, featuring a new cushioning technology called UA Flow. UA Flow is a unique foam compound that brings lightweight cushioning and innovative traction to the Under Armor performance footwear product. Under Armor recently worked with Second Spectrum to compare Curry’s game this season (while using UA Flow technology) to his unanimous MVP season in 2015-16 and the numbers actually show a big difference. The comparison revealed that Curry’s average speed, distance traveled per game, and blowby percentage have all increased this season. These increases are truly remarkable considering this is one of the best offensive seasons in NBA history and Curry is now 34 years old. Better believe that this won’t be the last time you’ll see this tech on a Curry signature shoe.

Stephen Curry wears the Under Armor Curry Flow 8.

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It’s unfortunate not to see the Zion 1 in the playoffs, but you’ll get a good dose of it once next season. This is Zion Williamson’s first signature shoe with Jordan Brand and you might have seen it in a handful of colorways, but that was about it. The design of the sneaker is super clean with subtle details like a “Z” visible on the upper of the shoe. Once the player exclusives start to arrive, it will be a spectacle for Zion. We will stay tuned for that.

Zion Williamson in his signature Zion 1 from Jordan Brand.

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Darius Bazley didn’t hold back during the regular season and we are very grateful for that. You’d be hard pressed to see him wearing something on the pitch that wasn’t a player exclusive made just for him. It bounced between the New Balance TWO WXY and the OMN1S low-top, but it was still hot. Take a look at the kicks that took him to fourth place below.

Draius Bazley went crazy for PE to end the regular season.

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We’ll continue to amplify the fact that Anthony Davis solidified himself as one of the NBA’s biggest collectors when it comes to the Nike Kobe Bryant line. Since being traded to the Lakers before last season, Davis has done an incredible job showing just how extensive his collection is. He’s sort of managed to take that to another level this year with a crazy slew of player exclusives and if you follow him on social media it looks like the best is yet to come. So stay tuned because you are sure to see some wild EPs of Kobe of Davis in the Lakers playoffs.

Anthony Davis with a great run from the Nike Kobe line.

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There is probably no other active NBA player more marketable as a spokesperson for Reebok than Montrezl Harrell. He’s a tall, fiery man who likes to flex on his opponents after scoring on them. It screams rugged 1990s basketball and, quite frankly, screams Reebok. To Harrell’s credit, he’s done an amazing job all season letting us guess what Reebok is going to launch next. The dude is a real sneakerhead and it’s amazing to keep track of his creativity with his shoes.

Show off Harrell with another awesome series of Reebok sneakers.

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There’s not a lot of bias when creating these Sneaker King Power rankings, but if PJ Tucker qualifies for the NBA Finals with the Bucks, it could result in the best sneaker playoff streak we have. have never seen. We’re sure Tucker has prepared a secret hiding place for this situation titled “ Breaking Glass in Final Race ” somewhere deep in his sneaker closet. You can check out the highlights of Tucker’s sneaker run to end the regular season below, one of the biggest gems being a Ray Allen PE of the Jordan 12 with the words “ Sugar Ray ” engraved on it. side of the heel. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for an epic playoff sneaker race.

PJ Tucker is on another planet with his shoe set.

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