NBA rumors: Warriors divided over Ben Simmons-Draymond Green Cup

It’s incredibly hard to imagine a scenario in which Ben Simmons will play for the Philadelphia 76ers this coming season. There is too much lingering friction. The point of no return has been passed.

Simmons and the Sixers both seem to know that. The problem is, they’re determined to get fair value for him in return, but their idea of ​​fair value is way more than any team is currently willing to offer. If they’re selling Simmons now, they’ll do it at their lowest point. You can see why the Sixers might not want to trade him just yet, but the reality of the situation looks likely to force their hand, sooner rather than later.

The Warriors, as is always the case with a potentially available big name, naturally have an interest in acquiring Simmons, provided it is at a price they can swallow. But beyond the difficulties of building a trade that would be accessible to both sides, there is the question of whether or not Simmons would fit into the dynastic core of the Warriors, and in particular alongside Draymond Green. While the two players are unique in their ability to impact the game in many ways, they are also both below average shooters which could prove problematic if they were to team up.

Of course, there is another side to this coin, which is probably the root of why Golden State would be interested in Simmons. Given his elite defensive and defensive skills, ESPN’s Zach Lowe explained why a Simmons-Green pair could potentially work.

“I think the Warriors internally are divided over Simmons’ potential fit with Draymond Green,” Lowe said Tuesday on the “Lowe Post” podcast. “Do you agree?”

“I’ve been told they are,” replied Stephen A. Smith of ESPN. “They are divided.”

“And I understand why, don’t I,” Lowe continued. “Draymond doesn’t really shoot anymore. Ben doesn’t shoot – I mean, Ben doesn’t even dunk in Game 7 when he’s got an open dunk – but I wonder if we’re all a little too worried, because if you put these two with Steph [Curry], Klay [Thompson] and just, like, pick a shooter, so you play Draymond on five and Simmons on (four), the level of play and shooting is… I don’t think the Warriors will do that, I don’t ‘I’m not sure what how I feel about it, but I’m a little more positive about it than most people I’ve talked to, I think. “

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Whether the Warriors should trade for Simmons is a very complicated one. But you can be sure that this is a question they have asked themselves before and will likely continue until their situation is resolved.

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