NBA player Devin Cannady unveils Cannady home turf in Mishawaka

MISHAWAKA, Ind. — Mishawka native and Orlando Magic point guard Devin Cannady paid a special visit to his hometown today to unveil the new Cannady Court. A grand opening event was held today to introduce the land to the community, as well as give locals the opportunity to meet and talk to the NBA player!

“It’s just about having a dream and a goal, accomplishing it, and putting that same energy back into the community,” says Cannady.

Cannady Court is the result of a dream come true and giving back to the community. For Devin Cannady, this basketball court in his honor is close to home because it was where his dream of becoming a professional basketball player began.

“I literally grew up in the neighborhood right behind that field and played on that field growing up,” Cannady says. “I want this court, which I helped to help decorate and make it your own with my Run Your Own Race brand, to be that beacon of hope in the community.

Cannady, along with Mayor Dave Wood and the Mishawaka Parks and Recreation Department made sure to set the course apart with a custom design and professional touch.

“To be able to have a basketball court of this quality with glass backing puts it even higher. It’s probably one of the best courts in the area,” says Mishawaka Parks and Recreation Director Phil Blasko.

The unveiling of the pitch drew hundreds, most of them children with dreams as big as Cannady’s when he was young, playing on the same pitch. He hopes this court will help inspire young basketball players.

“There were lots of smiles today, lots of kids having fun, got to meet an NBA player,” Blasko said. “It’s just great to be able to do that.”

“If I can positively affect or impact a person by being back, by being present; this court being a place for them to dream and be like ‘man, if someone like Devin Cannady, he’s not necessarily the biggest, fastest, strongest, and been overlooked his entire career can him do’ so I think they should think that too. If that’s what this court can mean, I did my job.

Cannady says his goal for this upcoming season with the Magic is to play a full season and continue to work on his health.

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