NBA Mock Trade: Thunder Consolidate Chooses To Advance In 2022 Draft

With draft night fast approaching, Thunder general manager Sam Presti is definitely going through his options.

One of them might include a slight upward motion to capture a perspective with Oklahoma roots.

Baylor’s Jeremy Sochan, a Polish prospect from Guymon, OK, is a defensive-minded striker who fits Presti’s MO very well.

In a recent episode of Topic: Thunder, Bleacher reports that Jake Fischer mentioned that there were talks in the league that general manager Sam Presti and Oklahoma City might look to trade for Sochan, if caught before the No. 12.

A defensive-minded striker with achievable passing and playing skills, Sochan fits well with Presti’s old selection types.

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Sochan was a unique upset against Baylor, helping the Bears go 27-7 overall as the sixth man. Sochan averaged 9.2 points, 6.4 rebounds, 1.8 assists and 1.3 steals.

Sochan should be able to legitimately defend all five positions at some point in his professional career. He can choke, harass, and use his strength to his advantage. His offensive numbers aren’t great, but he’s pretty smooth and useful outside of pick-and-roll.

Sochan is very energetic and a big contributor night and night. And if it’s Presti’s guy, he can probably go get it.

The Wizards have been linked to LSU’s Tari Eason on more than one occasion. Eason is a solid prospect, but taking him at No. 10 would be a slight reach. Washington could theoretically back off and acquire assets, and still snag Eason a few picks later.

Here’s what a hypothetical move forward for Oklahoma City might look like:

Oklahoma City Thunder gets: 10th pick

Washington Wizards get: No. 12, No. 30, 2024 Hornets SRP

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