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The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced Monday, May 24, the formation of NBA Africa, a new entity that will lead the league’s activities in Africa, including the African basketball league (BALL).

The NBA says the development should contribute to the growth of the BAL, help expand the NBA’s presence in priority African markets and the African basketball ecosystem, and deepen the league’s engagement with players and players. the fans.

It says the new platform will help create “additional NBA academies and social responsibility initiatives that improve the livelihoods of African youth and families, including the announced gender equality and economic inclusion efforts. by the NBA and the BAL in March ”.

According to NBA Commissioner Adam Silver, the formation of the new entity aligns with the existing vision to further develop the game of basketball on the continent.

“Today’s announcement is the result of many years of investment and fieldwork to develop basketball in Africa and the recognition of the enormous opportunities that exist for the NBA on the continent.” , he said in a statement.

He added: “We believe that basketball can become a leading sport across Africa over the next decade, and I look forward to working closely with our investors to make this goal a success. reality.”

Victor Williams, general manager of NBA Africa, called the new initiative a “milestone”

“The success of forming and funding NBA Africa as a stand-alone entity is indicative of the NBA’s rich history in Africa, the power of the NBA’s vision for the growth of the game on the continent and the strong commitment from our new exceptional partners. to support this vision, ”he said in the statement.

Williams praised the NBA Africa team led, over the past decade, by Amadou Gallo Fall and John Manyo-Plange, “for the work they have done to lay the groundwork for the game on the continent that has made this milestone. possible.”

For his part, NBA Global Ambassador and NBA Africa investor Dikembe Mutombo said NBA Africa will pave the way for professional players to have a positive impact on the continent.

“This is a historic day for basketball in Africa. I am fortunate to have been among the first African players to make an impact in the NBA… countless other players will have the opportunity to follow in my footsteps in the years to come, ”he said.

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