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Brandon Miller

Transfer | Alabama

Height: 6’9″ | Weight: 200 pounds

2023 Draft Age: 20.59

Prospect profile

Miller is already 19, which means he will be older than other potential peers in this class. He will be 20 his entire first season at Alabama and 21 at the start of the 2023-24 season, which would be his rookie season in the NBA if he chooses to enter the 2023 NBA Draft.

The Alabama freshman has great size as a combo forward who can play on the perimeter like a true wing or a modern power forward. He is the ideal build for the positionless NBA where versatility is key.

Despite being a great forward, Miller has a very fluid jumper. He can hit jump shots moving off the rebound or in rhythm. He’s pretty good at generating his own shot, which will translate well given how isolated the NBA is.

Miller thrives in the midrange, where he likes to take on smaller defenders before moving on. His turnaround game is also effective, as he uses his height to rise above defenders.

The incoming freshman has the range to shoot beyond the arc but is not yet a consistent 3-point shooter. The mechanics and output are great, but its numbers aren’t where they should be. If Miller is able to improve beyond the arc this season and become a legit 3-point shooter, he could be a lottery talent.

Miller has very good vision for a forward. He can whip a one-handed pass with precision down the field and has high-low potential when playing alongside a big one in the frontcourt. He is also comfortable bringing the ball to the ground and working as a facilitator. Relative to his height and position, Miller has good grips.

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He is a good finisher on the rim, where he often dives with power. Miller is a very good athlete although he is a bit thin.

On the defensive side, he moves his feet very well. Miller is quick laterally for his size and uses his length to block shots. It will be something he will have to prove this season in Alabama, but he should theoretically be able to hold several positions in the future.

If Miller was as young as the other freshmen in this class, he would likely be a higher projected pick, but he should still easily be a first-rounder regardless. He’s a former five-star signing and one of the best wingers in his class. The Alabama rookie has back-to-back Tennessee Gatorade Player of the Year awards and has been the state’s top player for the past few years.

His father, Darrell Miller, played at Alabama, which means he will be a second generation athlete in Tuscaloosa.

Strong points

Projection project

Mid-to-late first-round pick in the 2023 NBA draft.

Grand Council 2023

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