Nagy makes sure Davis knows he’s wanted

“We should have known, even if we had gotten Tanner, it would have been smart to get Amari. It wasn’t one or the other.

Nagy and his team weren’t going to make the same mistake when Davis entered the transfer portal last week. Instead of the standard Zoom meeting with the player, the entire staff – Nagy and his assistants Clint Sargent, Travis Trice and Dan Beré – made the seven-hour drive to visit Davis in person.

“We were like, ‘We’re tired of Zoom meetings. We don’t like them. Let’s just get in a car and go over there and see it face to face,'” Nagy said.

“We wanted to show Amari how much we wanted him and how well he would fit in. We knew he was going to make a pretty quick decision. We didn’t want to waste any time.”

Davis decided to end his career with Wright State. He will have one year of eligibility, although that could be extended to two since all athletes in 2020-21 have had an extra season due to the pandemic.

His arrival — along with the signing of former Evansville forward Blake Sisley, a Missouri Valley Conference freshman team pick last season — softens the blow of losing two of the Horizon League’s best players from last season.

Holden transferred to Ohio State, and the Grant Basil Center is considering Power 5 schools (he reportedly decided between Wisconsin, Iowa State, Notre Dame, and Virginia Tech). Together, they averaged 38.5 points and 15.6 rebounds.

“Obviously losing the guys we lost left big holes. We think our young guys will fill in some of that,” Nagy said. “But to have a player like Amari – he has experience and we know from playing against him how good he is. Last time he was in our gym he put us 34 or 35 . »

Davis averaged 15.9 and 17.2 points in his two seasons at Green Bay. He was second in the Horizon League in shooting on goal as a freshman at 51.4%.

He finished fourth at Missouri with an average of 9.0.

“When you look at his two years in the league, the percentages he’s shot, he’s a terrific mid-range shooter,” Nagy said. “He would tell you he wants to improve his 3-point shot. He often happens on the free throw line. I would say Tanner was an effective offensive player, and Amari is the same.

The Raiders still have a purse for 2022-23, and they can be picky. They will look into high school ranks or bank him for another potential transfer.

But Nagy derives some satisfaction from the way he and his staff have responded to these sudden departures.

“I said when these guys left, we weren’t going to waste time crying over them. We were going to find players who fit our system,” Nagy said.

“I think we’ve proven at this point that we have a really good program that kids should want to play in, especially if you like to score. We give them a lot of freedom offensively and we’ve helped a lot of good players to develop.

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