Mountain West 2021 Official Pre-Season Basketball Trials Insider Voting Process

Have you ever wondered how and who are these sports writers who vote and rank your picks from all conferences?

Unless it is a media vote that comes out of the reserve and against the grain of an obvious player (s) choice, sports editors are generally invisible to the selection process.

This may or may not be the case here.

This week, Mountain West Basketball Virtual Media Days are Wednesday and Thursday (October 20 – 21) and this beat writer explains his high-tech selection method for his official 2021 preseason ballot submission. Mountain West – with a few not so- high tech methods to offer selections.

Our editorial team would always love to know each other’s methodology for deriving these lists which end up being evangelical to many and may in fact influence others in one way or another.

Fast science

It consists of up to three processing platforms: a Macbook Pro, an iPad, and an iPhone11 which could all be used in one place, but mostly separately in different parts of the home, if you can imagine those scenarios. .

Of course, statistics from Google, Twitter, YouTube and NCAA are the main applications used at all levels.

From there, a few obvious data points are organized on a quick and dirty Excel document, where one can easily filter, sort and compare.

That’s it for the high-tech part. It sounds like a lot of work, but for the geeks at heart, it’s relatively quick, even if it casually stretches over a short period of time.

The subjective

Based on the above, you need to take into account various intangibles such as the style of play, cumulative performance from 2020 (and some from 2019), surrounding players, coaches and, yes, even ratings from others. analysts.

The thought process seems complicated when written.

It’s also about making an honest effort. Call it personal pride or unnecessary information or both, but seeing it completely helps.

In the end, somehow your selections always end up looking like the others ?! Sigh…

The real ones

Now, admittedly, covering SJSU inclines my point of view, as you will see below. Although usually my evaluations have been mostly correct even though the timing is early, as it has been with football over the years.

The slight preface to state in this basketball affair is new head coach Tim Miles for the Spartans – rightly so, as his reputation, track record and effect clearly precede him.

All conference presets

Looking at the old trusty Excel sheet. this one seemed easier from the rest of the selections -Bam, Bam – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

But what also stood out were the players from San Diego State, who were right next door. Thankfully, that’s just a number for the Aztecs, who will certainly be in contention again this season.

Pre-season selection of player of the year

They say the cream rises to the top. It was a little tough between Grant Sherfield from Nevada and David Roddy from Colorado State and you apparently can’t go wrong between them, but Roddy’s size, strength, sturdiness, versatility and performance say it all. long.

Pre-season selection of the first year of the year

This selection had an added dimension of actually watching rookie SJS Spartan Alvaro Carenes Torre in training.

Perhaps that was Ricky Rubio-ness’ potential as well, since Torre is also from Spain. Or maybe it was already his international playing experience through the Under-19s and the Spanish league that would seem to give him an advantage.

Pre-season selection of newcomers of the year

Some of you may remember Eddie House from the NBA who played on multiple teams. House had a good long career and was known for his tough and courageous style of play.

His son Jaelen is in New Mexico and he has the same DNA. In that case, first expect some stellar defensive play from the young house. This former Arizona state guard could also lead an offensive resurgence for the Lobos.

Finish order

As a general rule, the best teams in the first row are the easiest to trace, as most of us would expect. The environment is a kind of mosh pit that requires a little thought to analyze and faces the greatest subjectivity and variation of others.

Here, too, it is the main SJS Miles effect that pushes the Spartans a few notches above most voters. It’s such a big difference between day and night in so many ways at SJS basketball-land that it would honestly be a surprise if they ended up the same way they did the past few years, even the first one. year of Miles.

Here is a great 2021-2022 season where we can hopefully expect at least three births in the tournament.

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