Michael Conceicao’s Greatest SouthCoast Basketball Players Part 2

In 2015, longtime coach and referee Michael Conceicao created a list of the best men’s basketball players on the South Coast.

Seven years later, Conceicao came up with a ‘Part 2’, featuring 34 other players he added to his list of the best in the region.

Here’s a preview of Part 2 (listed alphabetically):

Kwaku Akka: Great man who played at New Bedford High School as well as Wheaton College. Great indoor play with a soft touch. Could bounce back with the best of them.

AJ Andrews: Outstanding career at Wareham High School, where he scored over 1,000 points. Unable to stop. Huge indoor game.

Ron Andrews: Played at Fairhaven High School where he excelled, then played at Bridgewater State University. Very smooth game. Nice mid-range game and could shoot a dime. Andrews made the game easy as a Sunday morning.

Scott Ashworth: Played at Fairhaven High School, where he was a beast. Next, he went to Bridgewater State University where he scored over 1,000 points. Very competent and would beat you with the basic fundamentals.

Hector Barros: Played at New Bedford High School. Barros had that type of game in New York. He was very sweet and very athletic. Barros had the ability to manipulate his body to suit the defense. He had great skills and was a very tough cover. Could jump and shoot.

Denzel Brito: Great career in high school and later played Div. 1 level at Loyola of Chicago and eventually brought his skills overseas. Brito has an excellent perimeter game with great playmaking skills. This speaks to his desires as he continues to live his dream overseas.

Steve Burgo: Played his ball at Dartmouth High School. Burgo had a very effective jump shot that included solid mid-range play.

Kenny Bur: Exceptional goalkeeper who was unstoppable with his moves towards the cup. He would stop and pull that fadeaway or he would just pass by you.

Jeffrey Clark: Played for state champion New Bedford High School. Absolutely an incredible jumper, epitomizing team play and will go down as one of the best dunkers of all time.

Byron Costa: Played at Dartmouth High School. Costa was a very savvy playmaker who was fundamentally solid and could also shoot.

Kenny Couto: Played at Bishop Stang High School, where he had a great career. I called him “Mr. Clutch”. Great, versatile guard who knew how the game should be played.

The Greatest SouthCoast Basketball Players of All Time, Part 2, According to Michael Conceicao.

Dasilva Standard: Played at Dartmouth High School where he excelled and continued his playing career in college where he had a fine career. Dasilva was one of the smartest and most skilled point guards I have ever met. He coached overseas for years and is now a top scout in the NBA.

Jamil Davis: Davis was “And 1” before “And 1”. He could pass, shoot, penetrate and shoot deep. Without a doubt, he had the best grips. No fear in his game.

Ryan Fermino: An excellent point guard who could score at will — inside, outside — it didn’t matter. Fermino could go to the cup and anywhere on the pitch he wanted.

John Garris: Played at Boston College where he had a terrific career and played in the NBA for the Cavaliers as well as overseas for many years. Absolutely unstoppable.

Eric Gomes: Mr Monte Park. Fantastic shooter, which had unlimited range and would let you know.

Bobby Gonet: Played at Fairhaven High School but where he made his mark was at UMass Dartmouth (SMU at the time) when he scored over 1000 points and was near the top in rebounding even though he didn’t measure only about 6 feet 1 inch. Gonet had his nose for the ball.

Isaiah Houtman: He played his basketball at New Bedford High School and had a great career. He was known for his exceptional jumping ability and great defensiveness. Houtman loved to dive over the edge and throw a thunderous dunk.

Billy Johnson: Great athlete who had that tricky left hand game and could jump out of the gym. Johnson was fast, fast and he was very strong for his height. Very resistant cover.

Bobby Johnson: One word to describe Johnson: Beast. Hard as nails and played hard on every possession. Due to Johnson’s enormous jumping ability, he would guard players much bigger than him. He was only about 6ft 1in tall, but played like he was 6ft 6in.

Marc Kaeterle: My man had skills. It was a scoring machine. He played at New Bedford Voke. He was the real deal. Very difficult to cover. Impressive skills.

Steve Lopez: He played basketball at Holy Family High School, where he excelled. Lopes also played at Bridgewater State University. Played bigger than his size. M. Mid-range.

Dwight Majette: Fast Cat, great defensive player who could penetrate and flat with the best. Majette could also score.

Billy McElroy: Outstanding mid-range game, which might also post you. You knew he was going to give you about 25 points and 10 rebounds a night.

Antwaun Murphy: Played at New Bedford High School as well as Bristol Community College. Very aggressive player who could get him to the basket as well as shoot from deep range. An excellent player.

Richard Nobre: Played at New Bedford High School where he had a great career. Nobre continued his playing career at Framingham State University, where he was my teammate. Rich was tough and could play both ways. He could shoot, penetrate, rebound, score and play defense. The best way to describe Nobre is that he was a versatile player who could do it all.

Wilson Pilarte: Played at New Bedford High School, where he developed his skills to the point where he made a career out of playing overseas. Really has no weaknesses. It will take you low or it will take you deep. Choose your poison.

Mikey Rocha: Huge ball handling skills and it looks so easy. His attacking game was so smooth and one of the most exciting players to watch.

Eggs with herbs: Big man with exceptional jumping ability and strength. Could shoot from anywhere in the field. Prolific goalscorer.

Mike Semiao: Great shooter who played at Holy Family High School as well as Fairhaven High School. Semiao continued his career at Bryant College, where he excelled. He was a very smart and absolutely fearless player. He could do anything.

Peter Thomas: He played basketball at Bishop Stang High School. Excellent teammate who was absolutely focused and would do whatever it took to get the job done. Very tough defensively and had a tough nose. Could definitely pull this mid-range shot.

Clayton Timas: An exceptional athlete with tremendous skills and will go down as one of the best dunkers of all time. Energetic, loved to go coast to coast.

Randy Torres: Very fast guard who could shoot, penetrate and distribute with the best of the best. Absolutely hard-nosed and played with great intensity.

Tony Williams: Played at New Bedford High School, where he had a great career. Beast inside the game. Very difficult. Great player.

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