Max Strus compares Miami Heat to the rest of the NBA: “It’s a whole different animal here”

Miami Heat goalie Max Strus explained what makes the Heat organization so different from other NBA teams in a recent episode of “The Long Shot” podcast, which is hosted by Heat teammate Duncan Robinson.

“It’s definitely tough to have the opportunity to show what you can do,” Strus said of his lack of a draft. “Here, however, it’s different. I arrived at training camp last year, I was on a 10 piece and coming out of an ACL injury. So I was like, “I’ll probably have a few minutes here and there for training or I’ll have reps.”

“But it’s a whole different animal here. I mean, they just let you play. They let you do everything. I mean, on the first day of training camp, Chris Quinn pulled me aside after I missed a shot and he said, “Man, what are you doing? “

Strus explained that he missed shots to hand the ball over to Heat star Jimmy Butler, but was told he had a different role.

“He said ‘No man, you’re here to shoot. If you’re open, you shoot the damn bullet, ”Strus said. “Every time I was open after that, I shot.”

Having a lot of faith in the undrafted players allowed the Heat to land Strus and Robinson.

Strus appeared in 39 games last season for Miami. He averaged 6.1 points, 1.1 rebounds and 0.6 assists per game.

A pure shooter, Strus shot 45.5% from the field and 33.8% from 3 points during the 2020-21 season.

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