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Luka Doncic

Athletics comes in many forms, but we always have a unified expectation of what a fit athlete looks like. Luka Doncic has heard and seen the comments about his body and has a message for all haters.

“I don’t mind at all.”

Doncic’s weight is a recurring issue among fans. Some say he comes into the season in bad shape, and others blame him for his slow start to the season. But the Slovenian wonderkid isn’t losing sleep over the comments.

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It’s a short answer to bodyshamers, as Luka Doncic should. If he stoops to their level, the media will surely blow him away. His answer comes from a place of trust; someone who knows what he can do on the floor, no matter what the scale shows.

Luka’s performance at Eurobasket

If his recent performances at the EuroBasket tournament indicate his level of play at the moment, there is no problem with his current weight. Doncic broke the goalscoring record and became the player with the most points in a game since Eddy Terrace’s 63 points in 1967. The Dallas Mavericks star also broke the 30-point mark in three straight games , a tournament record.

There’s a big chance that Luka will win the MVP trophy if his team makes it to the final. Granted, the striker reveals that he was never one of the skinny dudes. But, as photos of him smoking cigars and drinking beer began circulating in the media, fans worried about his focus and desire to be in top form.

He can sometimes look like a carefree lad on the floor after smiling while taking hard shots, but make no mistake: the 23-year-old has killer instincts. Luka has been playing professional basketball since he was 16, so he knows the importance of being in good shape.

If he wants to enjoy his time away from games or show up at camps appearing big or slow, fans need to suspend judgement. After all, the NBA playoffs don’t start until March. Until then, save the bashing and hating of Luka Doncic and watch him silence the critics again.

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