Kobe Bryant’s rare card drops sharply as NBA card market…

There’s always a good chance that when things go up, they’ll eventually come down at some point. For example, this rare draw of Kobe Bryant from the 90s and the NBA card market as a whole. While a few select names are trending up due to the playoffs, like those featuring Stephen Curry, Jayson Tatum, Luka Doncic and Jimmy Butler, most cards are down now, including an incredibly handsome slab from the All-Guard. stars.

In a post shared by Cardporn on Instagram, a PSA 10 1999 Fleer Mystique Raise The Roof insert by Bryant recently lost a lot of value. Said Kobe Bryant card, numbered 40 out of 100 copies, was sold via an auction organized by Goldin last February. The final price he fetched at the time was $96,000. All things considered, that’s a pretty high price for a card of this type.

But here is where things get sad. The same ranked Kobe Bryant card was auctioned again by Alt, a trading card exchange, earlier this month. It sold for $49,120, which is a far cry from its value a few months ago. Doing the math, that’s a loss of about $46,880.

Judging by that number alone, it would appear that whoever or organization that bought the Lakers star’s card at Goldin’s February auction lost a lot of money. And this happened simply because there was a hope that said card could be returned in exchange for profit. As it stands, that’s not the result.

Of course, it’s not just this Kobe Bryant card that’s not going so well. In fact, the entire NBA card market is down, with the exception of the remaining stars making the playoffs. This downward spiral is expected to continue into the offseason and weeks before the start of the next season. At that time, basketball card prices will increase again.

But until then, collectors are advised to be cautious in their purchases. It’s best to wait for things to bottom out before splurging on NBA cards. Otherwise, you’d end up losing a ton of money, just like what happened with the Kobe Bryant card above.

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