Kevin Garnett-Ray Allen spat: Conflicting footage from 2022 NBA All-Star Game provides no conclusion on state of affairs

To celebrate the NBA’s 75th anniversary season, the current members of the NBA 75 team were introduced at the 2022 NBA All-Star Game halftime by position group.

As forwards and centers stood on a half-court platform, guards were the last position group to be announced. Ray Allen was one of them. He walked to the platform after being introduced.

As Allen passed, the dynamic between him and his former Celtics teammates was visibly awkward.

This music video remained the predominant theme or storyline regarding Garnett and Allen overnight or even into Monday morning.

The moment itself is telling as Allen is immediately greeted by LeBron James, with whom he won an NBA title as part of the Heat in 2013. Meanwhile, Paul Pierce and Garnett, who are standing next of LeBron, look awkwardly as if the interaction is not happening in front of him.

However, nearly 24 hours later, there was a picture doing the rounds that told a different story. It was posted by the Celtics but was seen earlier on Paul Pierce’s Instagram.

History of argument between Allen and Garnett

The rift between Allen and Garnett dates back nearly a decade when Allen opted to leave the Celtics for rival Heat as a free agent in the 2012 offseason.

When the two teams met to open the 2012-13 NBA season, Allen saluted his former teammates and coaches, but Garnett was unreceptive to Allen’s attempt to move on, staring blankly when his former teammate patted him on the shoulder.

When the Celtics’ 2008 championship squad reunited on Garnett’s “Area 21” program in 2017, Allen was a conspicuous absence. Garnett addressed Allen’s absence, saying, “When Ray decided to go to the Heat, I feel like he moved on and he went and got another ring and he got a another ring – shout to him. And that’s it.”

A year later, Allen addressed the ongoing breakup, saying Garnett had “forgotten the genesis” of their relationship, which predates their time as teammates.

Last August, it emerged that Garnett was still at odds with Allen, strategically cropping him from a photo he shared on his Instagram Story.

In October, however, it appeared the NBA 75 announcement had mended things between the two, as Garnett gave Allen a shoutout on his Instagram story for being named to the all-time team.

Perhaps the two didn’t know how to properly recognize each other in this setting or, more likely, remnants of their grudge linger nearly 10 years later.

Whatever the reason the two had this type of non-interaction during the celebration, it was hard to watch in real time.

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