Kenyon Martin: NBA fans must learn a lesson the hard way

Fformer start of the NBA Kenyon martin tried to send a clear message to the NBA following a few fan-player incidents in the first playoff games of this season.

Martin recalled some arguments he might have been involved in when he was a player and said he didn’t know how he would react if he went through certain situations.

“I’m lucky,” Martin wrote in a column for

“Fortunately, there are certain situations that God has never put me in, because believe me, there are tests that I would have failed brilliantly.

“In 2006, I was with Denver. Remember that brawl at Madison Square Garden that involved Nate Robinson, Mardy Collins, JR Smith and Carmelo Anthony?

“I was in formal attire that night. It’s a good thing, because if I was on the floor when my teammates got together like that with another team, you don’t know what I would have done .

“It is also a good thing that Young Traé is not me. Believe me, if at any point in my 15 year career a fan decided to spit on me, that would have been a real problem. I would have gone straight to the stands just like Ron Artest. “

Martin went to urge the NBA to take urgent action to prevent similar incidents from happening again in the future.

“Unfortunately, the possibility of something like this happening is staring the NBA in the face,” added Martin.

“And the league needs to take swift and decisive action to prevent something like this from happening again.

“At some point, the league will have to consider banning fans from participating as a punishment for misconduct. That’s the only way to nip all this madness in the bud.

“Talking is one thing. The physical is something completely different. And things have gotten a little too physical lately.

“Anyone who’s played in the NBA knows that trashy talk comes with territory. By the time you get into the league – whether it’s AAU, high school or college – you’ve probably heard it all. . on rare occasions you may even call the “N” word. Like I said, we’ve heard pretty much everything. Because of that, the words don’t really bother most of us.

“That is part of the problem, however. Many fans today want you to react. That is why they are taking it to the next level. So the league must follow suit and take a tough approach to these incidents involving the fans. , because if they don’t, something crazy is going to happen.

“And this time it will be the NBA’s fault.”

Martin believes that if the NBA doesn’t act instantly, there will soon be some uglier incidents between fans and players on NBA courts.

“At the end of the day, there are certain arenas that have a reputation for being tougher on visiting players – Boston and Utah are certainly two that come to mind – so it’s no surprise that Kyrie Irving had concerns about visiting TD Garden and that Ja Morant’s family was having issues with Utah ”, Martin declared.

“The Boston experience that I will always remember was a road game where fans would call a teammate and his wife all kinds of names and tease them both about a domestic situation they had to. the House.

“She came to the game anyway and the fans were ruthless. I’m telling you, it’s getting ugly.

“That’s why, as players, we have to be thick skinned. If you let every Tom, Dick and Harry’s words get into your head, you’re in the wrong line of work.

“But we’re starting to see the line crossed in a much more serious way: physically. There’s no place for that in the league.

“And fans have to learn this lesson … the hard way.”

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