Karl-Anthony Towns makes NBA history that only Kevin Garnett ever made in Minnesota

The Minnesota Timberwolves lack the deepest stables of Hall of Fame talent in franchise history. But one key guy they have is Kevin Garnett. Some younger fans may not remember it, but before winning a title with the Boston Celtics, Garnett was one of the NBA‘s most dominant players for 12 years at Minnesota. During that time, he amassed over 11,000 points. Wednesday night, the Timberwolves’ current big man Karl Anthony Towns joined him as the only players in franchise history to reach that mark.

It took Garnett 575 games to achieve this feat. Towns beat the Hall of Famer, reaching 11,000 points in just 475 games. Towns is a much better shooter at this point in his career than Garnett. Towns even became a three-point sniper. During NBA All-Star weekend, the Timberwolves superstar won the 3-point shooting competition.

Garnett was more of a mid-range shooter. Its size and length, however, made the shot almost unstoppable. KG was also even more known for his intense defense. Garnett won Defensive Player of the Year in 2008 and was named to the NBA All-Defensive Team 12 times.

Towns is nowhere near the towering presence at this end of the court. But offensively, he has everything to please. Towns can triple shoot, back you up, are nimble and can finish around the rim, and even sink his free throws at elite pace for a big man.

The Kentucky center is set to be a Hall of Famer himself, and Garnett would likely welcome him.

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