Jalen Duren recruiting news: Montverde star reclassifies, will he turn pro or play college basketball?

You average human probably went to high school for four years and then graduated. You were not an athlete in an elite preparation institution like Montverde Academy.

K-12 School in the greater Orlando area has 1,125 students, including 660 in a high school or college preparation program. They wear uniforms, many of them live in residential boarding schools, and there are 34 AP courses on offer.

And you can also go out a little earlier than planned because Adam Zagoria from Zagsblog.com report Jalen Duren to finish earlier than expected and head to college or pro basketball this year instead of 2022. The 6’10 post is probably still growing and has huge potential for the next level with a big and bouncy frame.

The options for elite talent like Duren have never been so plentiful. The NBA G-League is here, and if Duren took that path, he would likely become a millionaire and have incoming teammates like Jaden Hardy, Michael Foster Jr. and Scoot Henderson, all of whom projected top 10 rookies if they chose instead. university.

The Ignite team for minors is coached by a former Lakers champion Brian Shaw, who also spent two years as head coach of the Nuggets from 2013 to 2015. Because players have to be one year before high school graduation or be 19 to qualify for the NBA Draft, Team Ignite gives them a place to play basketball until the big show can call them.

When it comes to potential colleges, Zagsblog’s lists Villanova, Michigan, Miami, Auburn, Alabama, Kentucky, UCLA, Penn State and Memphis as his Top 9. But even if NIL rights are in place for this season, he will likely earn more as a full-time pro in the G-League.

And Duren will be one of the test cases if betting on marketing in college, or guaranteed money to become a pro is the new trend.

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