High school basketball player was not the target of a shootout


Residence Inn on Newtown Pike

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A University of Louisville student and former Tates Creek High School basketball player was caught in a gang-related shootout outside a Lexington hotel and was not the intended target, a detective said Monday.

Many new details about Mykel Waide’s murder have come to light during a preliminary hearing for Tayte Patton and Antonio Turner in Fayette District Court. The two were charged with murder and gratuitous endangerment in Waide’s death, and Judge Vanessa Dickson ultimately determined that there were enough probable causes to send the cases to a grand jury.

According to court records, Waide, 18, was one of three injured people shot dead at the Residence Inn on Newtown Court in August 2020. Waide was the only one to die. Waide was back home to say goodbye to his friends after moving most of his property to U of L, his grandmother Andre Mexberry previously said.

Detective Steven Cobb said on Monday that the shooting was the result of an altercation between rival gangs. He said there were several shooters, including Patton and Turner, at the scene.

Cobb testified that Waide was not the intended target. Investigators believe they know who the intended target was but were unable to find the target, Cobb said.

210524 ky lex Mykel Waide
Mykel Waide, 18, was shot and killed on August 16, 2020, police said. Photo provided by André Washington

According to Cobb’s testimony and court records, Patton and Turner are said to be in a black car and could be seen shooting through the rear window of the black sedan in surveillance footage of the Residence Inn. The shots hit the three victims. After a pause, some at the hotel fired back at the sedan as it drove away, Cobb said.

Police also linked Patton and Turner to the area at the time of the shooting with phone and social media tapes.

The most important evidence police have against Patton and Turner is eyewitness testimony, Cobb said. The witness is a member of the rival gang and did not contact detectives until about seven months after the shooting.

Patton’s attorney asked Cobb to reveal the identity of the witness, but Dickson allowed Cobb to keep the identity of the witness confidential for security reasons. Dickson said the identity of the witness could be revealed at a later hearing, but that it was irrelevant to the probable cause hearing if it could endanger the witness.

Cobb said police did not have evidence directly linking Patton and Turner to the bullets that hit Waide. A ballistics report is currently being processed with Kentucky State Police, which may further link Patton and Turner to the crime, Cobb said.

Several shell casings were found at the scene as well as bullets that hit the hotel. No one inside the building was injured.

Cobb said there were four to five different weapons involved in the shooting and one was recovered. Police also obtained a Glock 17 from Turner’s residence upon his arrest.

In another case, Turner is one of 14 men, aged 17 to 31, accused of joining a criminal union, namely the East Side Gang, and a subgroup, the 530 gang, according to the files. court. Those charged are charged with facilitating or directing gang activity or committing or conspiring to commit acts of gang violence, theft or drug trafficking, depending on the act. accusation.

This story was originally published October 18, 2021 11:53 a.m.

Chris Leach is a late-breaking reporter for the Lexington Herald-Leader. He joined the newspaper in September 2021 after previously working with Anderson News and Cats Pause. Chris graduated from the UK in December 2018.
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