Edward Little graduate Wol Maiwen excited to move to Franklin Pierce University

Former Edward Little High School basketball player Wol Maiwen dunks ahead of practice at the Auburn Recreation Department on Thursday. Maiwen is transferring to Franklin Pierce University for the 2021-22 season. Adam Robinson / Journal of the Sun

Wol Maiwen has come a long way since being the Big Man at Edward Little High School, leading his team to a Class AA state title in 2018 and being a finalist in Maine Mr. Basketball in 2019.

Maiwen then played a postgraduate year of basketball at North Hampton Prep before deciding to play at the University of Maine at Orono last season. After playing just seven games and 67 minutes in total, Maiwen entered the transfer portal. He recently accepted a scholarship offer from Franklin Pierce University.

Franklin Pierce coach David Chadbourne has been recruiting Maiwen since he was a senior, according to Edward Little Boys basketball coach Mike Adams. The similarities between the two coaches were factored into Maiwen’s decision to continue her education and basketball career at NCAA Division II School in Rindge, New Hampshire.

Former Edward Little High School basketball player Wol Maiwen is suspended from a basketball hoop ahead of practice at the Auburn Rec Department on Thursday. Maiwen is transferring to Franklin Pierce University for the 2021-22 season. Adam Robinson / Journal of the Sun

“I went on a visit a few months ago and talked to him for the last two weeks, and he’s really excited to have me there, and I’m really excited too,” Maiwen said. “I think he brings a similar type of coaching to Coach Adams. When I went up for my visit, I watched a practice, and the way he interacted with his players on the training ground, he pushed the players really well, and that’s the kind of place that I Want to be.

Maiwen enjoyed her time with the Black Bears, but he found it was not the right solution.

“It’s definitely a blessing for sure to play UMaine,” Maiwen said. “I like the guys and the momentum we had was great. We all became brothers in a short time together and we had a great time while I was there. A lot of people ask me why I left, and I think the general reason was that it just wasn’t suitable. The way they play, the way I play, I didn’t see myself playing there for four years.

Adams is thrilled with Maiwen’s opportunity to play Franklin Pierce under Chadbourne, who like an assistant at St. Joseph’s College, recruited Adams while playing at Mt. Blue High School. Adams continued to play at Thomas College.

Former Edward Little High School basketball player Wol Maiwen dribbles a basketball before training at the Auburn Rec Department on Thursday. Maiwen is transferring to Franklin Pierce University for the 2021-22 season. Adam Robinson / Journal of the Sun

“I am thrilled with his new opportunity,” said Adams. “I’m delighted he’s turning to such a good coach as Coach Chadbourne, and he’s been really wanted (Maiwen) for a long time. I am delighted with his opportunity at Franklin Pierce. And it’s a great conference. Anyone who knows Wol knows he has one of the biggest hearts, he’s just a fun kid. A lot of kids get caught up in the social media hype and a lot of people have said he’s not a DI player, and he’s proven that he is. They don’t just give scholarships or let anyone in. Whenever someone says there is nothing you can do, you want to prove them wrong.

COVID-19 disrupted the normal pace of sport during the pandemic, and in UMaine, it was no different for Maiwen and the Black Bears.

Due to the pandemic, there was less training than Maiwen expected, and he had only trained with each teammate a few days before the first game. Coronavirus guidelines in place made it difficult to keep pace with the team.

When the Black Bears trained and played, Maiwen began to realize the importance of adapting to a team’s playstyle. When he decided to transfer, that became a big factor in where he would play next.

“The big thing I took away was going to a school where I would be a match with the ground,” Maiwen said. “Before, I never really watched how UMaine played, to be honest. I never really fitted into the team and thought about how I could make an impact. I think it’s a big thing that I was considering going to the next school: how I could contribute, how I would play, how the team plays.

Chadbourne says Maiwen fits in well with the Ravens.

“Some styles are more suited to children’s skills than others,” Chadbourne said. “The way we play suits his skills. “

Maiwen enjoyed her graduate year with North Hampton Prep and said his time there gave him confidence to play away as a winger after spending a lot of time being the post player for the Red Eddies.

“I really liked Wol in high school and prep school,” Chadbourne said. “We are happy that he is part of the program and are delighted to have him. He will be a keeper for us, and he’s a very good defender and he’s improved a lot offensively.

With two years of basketball as a wing under her belt, Maiwen is ready to thrive at Franklin Pierce in a role that suits her.

“I think a lot of it is knowing they’re the fast type of team, they play the way I like to play, quick pauses, ball movements, don’t play so many games,” Maiwen. “At UMaine we played a lot of games, and I kinda like the whole type of movement attack game.”

“I am eternally grateful for Wol’s prep experience,” Adams added. “Who knows what they want to do at 18 and after they finish high school? Look at life a little bit and mature, and I wish more children had this opportunity. “

Adams was a great support system for Maiwen in this decision.

“Coach Adams was really the only person I talked to about everything,” Maiwen said. “He’s always been one of those guys who pushes towards how I feel for school, where the coaches want me to be, and he supports that decision knowing that Franklin Pierce has been with me for quite some time, and he knows they will take good care of me.

Maiwen worked for the Auburn Recreation Department this summer with Edward Little graduate turned professional basketball player Troy Barnies and former Red Eddies teammates Cam Yorke and Ibn Khalid.

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