Dwyane Wade’s iconic one-on-one with Charles Barkley a year before LeBron James trade sparked funny reactions

The clashes between legendary players are really exciting to watch. Having players from different generations competing against each other is even more beautiful. And that’s exactly what we saw when Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade and NBA legend Charles Barkley went 1-for-1, a year before the LeBron James trade.

In 2010, before the decision happened, Wade was a perineal superstar at the Heat. He was the franchise player, but he was getting old and getting too many injuries. But he was still one of the best players in the league and was a nightmare to guard when healthy.

Charles Barkley was well into retirement and had over a decade of broadcasting experience. But when they met on the court, they decided to go one on one for a few possessions. And it got legendary reactions from fans.


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The game went as planned. Much healthier, Wade faced a man who hadn’t played professional basketball in over a decade. The first time Wade had the ball, he easily passed Chuck and placed it.


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Then Chuck received the ball in the post against Wade, and he missed a shot but was fouled. He tried again and this time; he even missed badly and Wade called an offensive foul on him. Wade picked up the ball again in the post, and passed Barkley with ease and put it back.

Fans react to Chuck and Wade one-on-one a year before LeBron James arrived in Miami


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Fans were thrilled to see these two legends face off. Although they weren’t surprised with the results, they were supportive of Charles. A fan said, “Prime Barkley would metaphorically eat it for breakfast, this Barkley could literally eat it for breakfast.” praising Barkley’s skills as a player and poking fun at his current physique.

Dwyane Wade. Image via Getty/Michael Reaves

Another said, “Watching this video doesn’t do justice to Charles’ fear at the time.” While another said, “Amazingly, Chuck still had more low post moves in that 30-second clip than the entire 2017 NBA roster (combined).”


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