Dennis Rodman amassed $27 million in NBA career earnings but was left homeless by his mother at 17

Dennis Rodman’s Mom Made Dennis Rodman Homeless At 18 For Good Reason

During his life, Dennis Rodman has been through a lot.

His home life wasn’t the best, with the man never even having a father in the picture. He struggled with mental health issues during his time in the NBA where he was treated more like a liability than a true player of any kind. And as many know, he went through several years of drug addiction and addiction, something he had to work very, very hard to get rid of.

Going back to his family life, an absent father was not the only problem he had to go through.

You see, her mother had to work multiple jobs to support her family after her father abandoned them. And that caused a lot of friction.

Heck, while in high school, Rodman was given a very specific and very severe ultimatum. And failing that, he received far too severe a punishment by any standard.

Without further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

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Dennis Rodman’s own mother kicked him out after graduating from high school

No, it wasn’t for one day. It wasn’t for a week, or a month either. It was forever.

Essentially, Dennis Rodman may have amassed $27 million in NBA earnings at some point in his life, but years before he was told to get a job right out of high school or he’d be kicked out of the league. home.

The young man at the time would have refused. Well, here are Rodman’s words about what happened next, according to Amo Mama.

“She fired me. She changed the locks. I had a trash bag full of clothes. I left the house and sat down on the steps of the apartment complex.

We probably don’t need to say this, but on the face of it, this is horrible parenting.

Despite this, it is possible that we are missing something here. After all, the Bulls legend invited his mother to his Hall of Fame induction.

Yet despite all the verbal beatings and bullying he receives from the NBA community, Dennis Rodman really should be commended for showing that level of tenacity to get through it all.

We don’t know anyone else, but we’re proud of you, Dennis.

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