Cobb County School District: South Cobb Welcomes New Basketball Head Coach

May 17, 2021

When it was announced that the position of head coach of the South Cobb High School basketball team was available, many applicants were interested in the position. Outgoing head coach Gregory Moultrie has announced he will move to Hillgrove, and the top-level program he has built at South Cobb is up for grabs.

After an intense search and interview process, the directors of South Cobb have decided to replace Moultrie. Coach Hollis Bethea of ​​Douglas County High School will take charge of the Eagle program.

Coach Bethea is a known entity in the local basketball community and has a lot of experience playing against Cobb teams as Douglas County is a regular contender in the 6A game. Coach Bethea won Region 5 last season with a conference record of 14-1 and holds an impressive career record of 269-95.

“Coach Bethea brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to South Cobb,” said South Cobb athletic director Amanda Burks. “We couldn’t be more excited to have him with us! I can’t wait to work alongside him as he takes Eagle Basketball to the next level.”

“Coach Moultrie and I are friends,” said Coach Bethea, “and I called him when I heard the job opening, and we talked about it a bit. South Cobb has a great one. administration, and thought that would be exciting. opportunity for change. I will try to build on what Coach Moultrie started. “

Coach Bethea made his debut at Banneker High School and moved to Westlake from there. He was head coach for 12 years, 8 of which were in Douglas County. He’s been in education for 26 years in total, including an 8-year stint in administration, so he’s quite familiar with the ins and outs of coaching and academics.

“I can’t wait to be able to work in a different community and help bring a championship to South Cobb,” said coach Bethea. “There is a talented group of players out there, and the potential is great. I have played in a lot of Cobb Schools in Douglas County, but now I’m really in the 6A power region.”

Coach Bethea’s definition of success is seeing where he can take the program and the players from where they are now. Winning regional and national championships is important to him, but helping players develop their skills and talents is what really motivates him. “I measure the success of myself and the players by how much we have improved together. If we progress, so will the program,” he said without hesitation.

Coach Bethea counts longtime Westlake head coach Darron Rogers as a mentor and Hubert Davis of the University of North Carolina as an influence on his coaching style. “I’ve been around success my whole career,” he said. “I made the Fours final and won a few state titles as an assistant. I won a few regional championships in Douglas County. I’m approaching 300 career wins, and now I’m on my way. look forward to bringing all of my experiences to South Cobb. “

Welcome to the Cobb Schools, Coach Bethea family. We look forward to what you have in store for South Cobb and the Eagle basketball program next season!

This press release was prepared by Cobb County School District. The opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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