Cienfuegos imposes the fifth game of the intermunicipal basketball final

The Governor of Santiago receives a plaque of appreciation for her contribution to the Intermunicipal Basketball Tournament / External resource.

Santiago. – The representative of Santiago Oeste (Cienfuegos) obtained 54 points this Sunday from the members of the bench to defeat the team of Hato del Yaqui 90-80 in game 4 of the grand final of the intermunicipal basketball tournament here.

In this way, Cienfuegos won the final of the fifth game of the decision, scheduled for Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. at the Gran Arena del Cibao by Doctor Oscar Jubiara.

The visitors from Hato del Yaque dominated the first quarter 24-14, but then the changing strategies of Professor Victor Peña began to pay off and the pupils and owners of Winston Cepeda won the second half 30- 23 to enter the first half with the score 45 -44, still in favor of Hato del Yaque.

After this break, the owners of the house dominated the third quarter 21-16, to start the last organizational quarter with a 4-point advantage (65-61), and also managed to win this period 25- 19, to finally announce that the important win 90-80 and impose a decisive fifth game.

Strengthening the Under-22 team, Eddie Cruz (Edito) led the players from the bench with 22 points, his team’s top scorer in the game, other players who contributed from the bench were Juan Jose Leon with 14 units, Jesus Fernandez 13 points and Jeremy Castillo With 5 points, the latter was the key to the defense by repelling many opponents and capturing important rebounds.

Eliezer Matos (Papeto), who contributed 19 points and Christopher Liranzo 9, produced an excellent attacking performance from Cienfuegos’ starting lineup.

For Hato del Yaqui, the trident Edwin Espinal, Ibanuski Ortiz and Frandi Martinez (Bumba) scored 69 points out of 80 scored by his team, Espinal led the attack with 28 points, followed by Ortiz with 21 units and Martinez 20 units .


Before the start of the second half of the meeting, the Executive Committee of ABASACA presented a plaque of appreciation to Governor Rosa Santos, for her great contributions to society and in particular to the sports family of Santiago.

The delivery was made by the president of ABASACA, José Luís Aracena, accompanied by other executives of the entity and several members of the press.

Following the admission of Rosa Santos, the Executive Committee of ABASACA accompanied Marcos Alvarez, businessman, to perform a kick of honor for this fourth match of the Grand Final of the Santiago International Basketball Tournament .

The meeting took place on Sunday evening in Hermanos Alfredo Morales Square in the Monte Bonito sector of Cienfuegos.

The event is organized by the Santiago Basketball Association (ABASACA) and is dedicated to the General Manager of the Municipal League, Victor Daza, as an option for the Proindustry Cup.

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