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Will Stephen Curry or Luka Doncic win the goalscoring title this season?

Each week, editors will speak on some of the league’s most important topics.

In Sunday games, eight players are averaging 29.5 (or more) points per game. Who from this group will become the NBA scoring champion this season?

Steve Aschburner: With Election Day still fresh in our minds, I’m going with a little ranked pick voting (this is how the NBA and most leagues determine their annual awards, but not the stat leaders). So I’m going with these as my Top 3:

1. Luka Doncic, Dallas
2. Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, Oklahoma City
3. Steph Curry, Golden State

Doncic has everything in place to clinch his first goalscoring title. He currently leads (33.5 ppg through Monday) the group of them, the Mavericks are built around him like his last name is Nowitzki, his field goal attempts and usage rate are at career highs and frankly, he’s late to lead the league in a traditional category. Also, I assume his 3-point shooting, currently at a personal minimum (28.8%) will regress towards his average, which could add an extra half point to his scoring average the rest of the way.

Gilgeous-Alexander was a meteor across the NBA skies, and I think he’s legit. He’s loving this breakout season he’s having, and aiming for a goalscoring crown is a great way for him to stay focused in what will likely be another long year for (improved but still losing) OKC.

As for Curry, he just scored his sixth 50-point game since turning 30 (11th of his career) and no one can score in clusters like the all-time 3-point king. He already has two of those titles, but by winning one at 35 years, 26 days, Curry would break Michael Jordan’s hold on the top 3 spots as the oldest champion (MJ did it at 35-72, at 34-72 and 33-72 in 1998, ’97 and ’96 respectively). That might appeal to Steph.

Stephen Curry drops 50 points on the Suns.

BRIAN MARTIN: Outside of this field, my top three contenders are Luka Doncic (33.5 ppg), Stephen Curry (32.3 ppg) and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (31.1 ppg). Of this group, my predicted goalscoring champion is Doncic.

Curry is shooting the spotlight this season: 52.9 percent from the field, 44.7 percent on 3-pointers (on 11.8 attempts), and 90.3 percent on free throws. He could join Hall of Famers Larry Bird and Steve Nash as the only players with multiple 50-40-90 seasons if he maintains that level of efficiency. What hurts Curry is that he has the second-lowest use of this eight-man squad (29.7%) and Golden State needs Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole to get back into the game. playoff table.

Gilgeous-Alexander is averaging a game-high 31.1 points per game (up 6.6 points per game from last season) and is also currently averaging 50-40-90 shooting spreads (although with nearly nine fewer 3-point attempts than Curry). Gilgeous-Alexander has the fifth highest use of this group (31.5%) and averages the second highest number of field goal attempts (21.3), 7.1 more attempts than any teammate from the OKC. However, all of these numbers are lower than Doncic does.

He has a combination of usage rate (37.3%, which ranks third, slightly behind Joel Embiid and Kevin Durant), field goal attempts (league-high 22.8), free throw attempts (11.4, third, slightly behind Giannis and Embiid), and lack of competition for shots (9.1 more per game than any other Maverick) which make him the prime candidate to maintain his current lead and win his first NBA scoring title.

Doncic is not quite at the level of James Harden 2018-19 in terms of use (39.6%), shot attempts (24.5) and shot attempt dominance over teammates (10, 7) when Harden was averaging 36.1 ppg, but the two are similar as the undisputed offensive pivot on their respective teams.

By comparison, Durant doesn’t lead the Nets in shot attempts (Kyrie Irving does); Embiid has the aforementioned Harden and Tyrese Maxey to compete for shots; Giannis plays the fewest minutes of this group and still has the return of Khris Middleton; Jayson Tatum has fellow All-Star Jaylen Brown; while Donovan Mitchell has fellow All-Star Darius Garland in the backcourt and the lowest utilization of any player in that area (29.5%).

Luka Doncic drops a 40-point triple-double to lift the Mavericks over the Trail Blazers.

MEDINA MARK: Mavs coach Jason Kidd has warned that Luka Doncic’s usage rate is so high that “he won’t be human if he makes it through Christmas”. Nonetheless, Dallas seems better at seeing if Doncic can show he’s a machine rather than relying on other options.

Consider the difference between Doncic’s scoring (league-leading 33.5 ppg) and the Mavs’ other double-digit scorers (Spencer Dinwiddie’s 17.1 ppg, Christian Wood’s 16.6 ppg) and 11.5 points per game from Tim Hardaway Jr.). Doncic lifted his teammates enough to rank fourth in the NBA in assists (8.1) in Monday’s games. With Jalen Brunson leaving for New York last summer, Doncic increased his goalscoring load out of necessity. This reality will ensure both Dallas makes the playoffs and Doncic becomes the NBA’s scoring champion.

If team dynamics didn’t apply, Warriors guard Stephen Curry could easily claim his third NBA scoring title. But Klay Thompson and Jordan Poole will knock out some of Curry’s attempts once they land some consistent shots. Warriors coach Steve Kerr will also reduce Curry’s workload, including sitting him out for Monday’s game against New Orleans. Doncic was also rested recently against Houston. But the Mavs don’t have the luxury of managing Doncic this way in the long run..

SHAUN POWELL: Let me first explain who won’t be the scoring champion: neither Giannis Antetokounmpo (the Shaquille O’Neal-style free-throw thrower so far), nor Donovan Mitchell (Darius Garland starts cutting into his attempts), or Jayson Tatum (ditto, Jaylen Brown), or Kevin Durant (Kyrie Irving is back in training—did you hear the news?), or Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (has a chance, admittedly), or Joel Embiid (James Harden will need a few shots when he regains his health).

That leaves two-time scoring champion Steph Curry and Luka Doncic. Who will decide this race. And it will come down to this fundamental question: who bears the greatest scoring burden for their team? While Curry is pumped up from depth again (44.7%) for the Warriors, common sense says he’ll get fewer attempts once (and assuming) Klay Thompson gets his groove back. Meanwhile, Doncic is reaching the free-throw line far more, has heavy use, and is central to the Mavericks offense. Also, I suspect Doncic has the Kia MVP award in mind (it’s his turn!) and a goalscoring title will boost his chances (but don’t tell Embiid, who finished first in scores, second in votes of MVP last year).

With Luka Doncic claiming the top spot and Shai Gilgeous-Alexander rising fast, Michael C. Wright breaks down the latest KIa MVP Ladder.

JOHN SCHUHMANN: First, I’ll note that this time last year, eventual champion Joel Embiid (who had only played nine of his team’s 18 games) was averaging just 21.4 points per match, which ranked him 22nd among players who had that many appearances. So maybe this season’s eventual leader is Anthony Edwards, De’Aaron Fox or Trae Young, and not one of those eight guys.

But if I have to choose among the eight, I will favor Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is averaging 30.1 ppg even though his shooting (53.6% effective field goal percentage) is down from the last four seasons (59.2%). Khris Middleton will eventually make his debut in the season and reduce the use of Antetokounmpo, but he will also contribute to the effectiveness of Antetokounmpo. (Middleton is the teammate who has helped Antetokounmpo the most, both in terms of total assists and per minute on the ground together, over the past two seasons.) Stephen Curry and Kevin Durant have also shot slightly less effectively (on the pitch) they have over the past few seasons, so they should stay at or near the top of the list.

Giannis Antetokounmpo scores a season-high 44 points in a win over the Rockets.

Gameday Rundown: Back-To-Back begins in Cleveland Sat, 19 Nov 2022 19:11:00 +0000

Miami HEAT vs. Cleveland Cavaliers

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Uniform-Commodity: Icon
  • The HEAT and the Cavaliers meet for the first of four regular season meetings.
  • Last season, Cleveland won the series, 2-1, but Miami has won 12 of the last 15 matchups overall.
  • The HEAT are 74-48 against the Cavs in the regular season, including 48-14 in home games and 26-34 in road games.
  • Tonight marks the first night of a back-to-back road with another game tomorrow at Minnesota. This is their third straight game of the season after splitting the previous two. Additionally, the HEAT will play 14 consecutive games this season after also playing 14 last year, however, Miami will not play a single consecutive game in January, marking as the only time in team history that the HEAT won’t have a single back-to-back in a month with that many games (15 games). The last month without a consecutive game with the most games dates back to April 1995 (10 games).
  • Kyle Lowry had a triple-double of 24 points, 15 assists and 10 rebounds on 11/18 at WAS, including two blocks and a steal. He is the first player in HEAT history to post at least those totals in a match. He is also only the ninth player in NBA history to do so, joining only Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, LeBron James, Nikola Jokic, James Harden, Russell Westbrook, Bradley Beal and Eric Bledsoe.
  • Miami has shot at least 80% from the foul line in 14 consecutive games, tying the second longest such streak in NBA history. It surpasses their previous team record of eight which had been done twice before, first from 01/29/92 to 02/16/92 and again from 01/19/20 to 02/03/20.
  • Miami: not yet submitted
  • Cleveland: not yet submitted
110.0 Points per game 115.9
.453 FGPCT. .475
.475 OPPONENT FG PCT. .461
.344 3-PT FG PCT. .395
.860 FT PCT. .795
14.0 Turnover per game 14.7
‘Crypto volatility is a problem’: NBA World erupts as news about former No. 1 draft pick emerges Wed, 16 Nov 2022 05:04:00 +0000

The crypto market boom has also made its way into the NBA world. From sponsorships to advertisements, investments to NFTs, the league has found ways to profit from the upcoming new cryptocurrency market. In light of the recent market crisis, many platforms have been forced to account. And a few NBA players also face it.


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Cryptocurrency platform BlockFi has had a multi-year sponsorship deal since 2021 with former No. 1 draft pick Cade Cunningham. Reports claimed that 100% of his signing bonus would come from BlockFi in the form of Bitcoin tokens. The company intended to use Cunningham’s position of the Detroit Pistons to leverage educational and promotional videos regarding crypto.


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During this announcement last year, Zac Prince, CEO and co-founder of Block-Fi, praised Cade Cunningham for his collaboration. He said, “BlockFi will support him every step of the way.”

Notably, BlockFi is preparing to file for bankruptcy this year. Fans erupted on social media indicating the NBA player might be in trouble. They stated that “the volatility of cryptos is a problem”. Others were curious how big his signing bonus was.

They initially denied having any assets at FTX. However, they acknowledged that they did indeed have “significant exposure to FTX and related corporate entities”. The crypto platform has now restricted activity on the platform, justifying market volatility.

Several NBA players had invested in crypto

Klay Thompson of the Golden State Warriors has decided to get partial pay in Bitcoin tokens. His teammate, Andre Iguodala, teamed up with Thompson and Jack Dorsey’s Cash app to convert the same. Thompson said he believed his collaboration was because “it’s the future of money.”


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New Orleans Pelicans star CJ McCollum’s interest in the crypto world led to a partnership with StormX. McCollum also wanted to help “bring crypto to the mainstream.”

NBA big names Stephen Curry and LeBron James have joined FTX and respectively. Curry received entries while LeBron was part of an outreach program that taught kids about blockchain technology.

Many other NBA players are also invested or interested in the NFT world. It will be interesting to see if this number now decreases following the latest developments in cryptocurrency.


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Do you think the collaboration between crypto companies and NBA players will decrease? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

NBA 2K23 releases new Dreamer Pack featuring Kevin Durant in 3 new iterations Sun, 13 Nov 2022 19:23:00 +0000

NBA 2K23 released its first bi-weekly fan update a few days ago. Surprisingly, many fans were unhappy with the adjustments as the majority of them were unwarranted or worthless. So, it looks like the game has finally heard the outrage of its fans and decided to make some special upgrades for player MVP Kevin Durant.


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With a recent update on the game, it looks like they have now released 3 new KDs for the fans and they are already loving it. And why wouldn’t they? The MVP is one of the strongest players in the entire game, after all.


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Kevin Durant gets a KD upgrade on NBA 2K23

Recently, NBA 2K23 published an article about their Twitter, showing the 3 new iterations of star NBA player Kevin Durant. The Dreamer pack includes Kevin Durant of Brooklyn Nets, Golden State Warriors and Oklahoma City with 91, 94 and 95 SF/PF respectively.

SAITAMA, JAPAN – JULY 25: Kevin Durant (7) of USA in action during the Group A basketball match between USA and France as part of Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games at Saitama Super Arena from Saitama, Japan on July 25, 2021. (Photo by Elif Ozturk Ozgoncu/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images)

Surprisingly, fans are loving this new update and are really happy with the addition. While some said the Warriors’ Kevin Durant was tops for them, others said they wanted to run with the Nets’ KD.

Other fans even started showing off their unlocks where it was revealed that the featured player had a distinct animation playing for fans whenever someone unlocked them in-game.

Some fans even said that Kevin Durant must have a higher SF/PF, something around 99 or higher.

Kevin Durant wants Kyrie Irving to return to the game


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Kyrie Irving, a Brooklyn Nets player and player himself, was recently removed from court for his anti-semantic approach. That’s why he missed several games in the current NBA season.

March 29, 2022; Brooklyn, New York, USA; Brooklyn Nets forward Kevin Durant (7) reacts to guard Kyrie Irving (11) during the third quarter against the Detroit Pistons at Barclays Center. The Nets beat the Pistons 130-123. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner – USA TODAY Sports

But now Kevin Durant wants Kyrie Irving back on the court because the Nets are having a hard time on the court. Well, we still don’t know what will happen now, but it’s news to follow right now.


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What do you think of the new NBA 2K23 update? Let us know in the comments below.

NBA commissioner Adam Silver doesn’t believe Kyrie Irving is anti-Semitic Fri, 11 Nov 2022 05:57:59 +0000

Brooklyn Nets guard Kyrie Irving is currently suspended for posting a link to a documentary loaded with Holocaust denial and conspiracy.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has ‘no doubt’ that suspended Brooklyn guard Kyrie Irving is not anti-Semitic, he told a conference Thursday, while LeBron James spoke out. took to Twitter to defend his former teammate whose status with the Nets remains a mystery.

These developments followed Nike co-founder Phil Knight, who told CNBC in an interview that aired earlier Thursday that the footwear giant’s relationship with Irving is likely broken for good.

Silver sat down with Irving earlier this week, and he told attendees at the Sports Business Journal Dealmakers conference in Washington that he walked away from that conversation thinking the situation was “incredibly unfortunate.”

“Personally, based on what he told me directly, I have no doubt that he is not anti-Semitic,” Silver said. “But I think he’s now going to have to go through a process.”

That process — and when the Nets lift his suspension — depends in part on how Irving fulfills a number of team-imposed return-to-play mandates, one of which was completed when he met Silver more early this week. There are several others, and the terms have raised eyebrows at both the National Basketball Players Association — the union in which Irving sits on the board — and James, among others.

“I told you I don’t believe in sharing hurtful information,” James posted on Twitter, echoing comments he made after a Los Angeles Lakers game last week. “And I will continue like this but Kyrie has apologized and he should be able to play. That’s what I think. It’s so simple. Help him learn, but he should play. What he’s being asked to do to get back on the court, I think it’s excessive (in my opinion) He’s not the person we portray him.

Irving’s suspension with the Nets will last at least five games. He’s missed four already and could conceivably return on Sunday when Brooklyn visits the Lakers. It’s unclear when the Nets will reinstate him.

Nets general manager Sean Marks said Wednesday that he had not spoken to Irving during his suspension.

“When the time is right when we talk and if there’s an update to share, I’ll definitely share it,” Marks said.

Silver told the New York Times on Thursday that he had never seen Irving use anti-Semitic or hate speech, but added, “Whether he is anti-Semitic or not has no bearing on the damage caused by the publication. hateful content.

The content was a since-deleted tweet posted by Irving last month with a link to a documentary called “Hebrews to Negroes: Wake Up Black America,” which includes Holocaust denial and conspiracy theories about Jews. In a controversial post-game interview a few days later, Irving defended his right to post whatever he wanted.

The fallout was massive: Irving was criticized by Silver and several anti-hate groups, including the Anti-Defamation League, the Nets eventually suspended Irving, and then Nike announced last Friday that it had “suspended” its relationship with Irving and canceled his plans to release his next signature shoe.

“I would doubt we would go back,” co-founder Phil Knight said in the CNBC interview that aired Thursday. “But I am not sure.”

Ex-NBA champ is changing ‘how the world builds’ to tackle climate crisis Tue, 08 Nov 2022 10:05:00 +0000

CNN Business

Three years ago, a hurricane devastated the Bahamas, killing dozens. Now the country is building what it claims is the world’s first carbon-negative housing community to reduce the likelihood of future climate disasters and to alleviate the housing shortage caused by the storm.

Rick Fox, a former Los Angeles Lakers player, is the kingpin of the new real estate project. The former basketball player and Bahamian citizen was spurred into action after witnessing the destruction wrought by Hurricane Dorian in 2019. Fox partnered with architect Sam Marshall, whose Malibu home was severely damaged by wildfires in 2018, to develop Partanna, a building material that removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere .

The technology is being tested in the Bahamas, where Fox’s company Partanna Bahamas is partnering with the government to build 1,000 hurricane-proof homes, including single-family homes and apartments. The first 30 units will be delivered next year to the Abaco Islands, which were hardest hit by Dorian.

“Innovation and new technologies will play a crucial role in avoiding the worst climate scenarios,” Philip Davis, Prime Minister of the Bahamas, said in a statement. He is due to officially announce the partnership between the Government of the Bahamas and Partanna Bahamas on Wednesday at the COP27 climate summit in Egypt.

As a country on the front lines of the climate crisis, the Bahamas understands it is “out of time,” Fox told CNN Business. “They don’t have time to wait for someone to save them,” he added.

“Technology can turn the tide, and at Partanna we’ve developed a solution that can change the way the world is built,” Fox said.

Partanna is made with natural and recycled ingredients, including steel slag, a by-product of steelmaking, and brine from desalination. It contains no resins or plastics and avoids the pollution associated with cement production, which accounts for around 4-8% of global carbon emissions from human activities.

The use of brine, meanwhile, helps solve the desalination industry’s growing waste problem by preventing the toxic solution from being released into the ocean.

Almost all buildings naturally absorb carbon dioxide through a process called carbonation – where CO2 in the air reacts with minerals in the concrete – but Partanna claims that its houses remove carbon from the atmosphere at a much faster rate due to the density of the material.

The material also emits almost no carbon during manufacture.

A 1,250 square foot Partanna house contribute a “negligible amount” of CO2 during manufacturing, while removing 22.5 tons of CO2 from the atmosphere after production, making it “entirely carbon negative over the life cycle of the product,” according to the company.

In comparison, a standard cement house of the same size typically generates 70.2 tonnes of CO2 during production.

The use of salt water means that Partanna homes are also resistant to seawater corrosion, making them ideal for residents of small island countries such as the Bahamas. This could make it easier for homeowners to get insurance.

The carbon credits generated by each home will be traded and used to fund various social impact initiatives, including promoting home ownership among low-income families.

Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly mentioned the losses suffered by Rick Fox and Sam Marshall as a result of Hurricane Dorian and the wildfires.

Matt Moore’s Best Friday Bets Fri, 04 Nov 2022 22:16:00 +0000

It’s a full Friday in the NBA with key games across the league. Typically, I reserve this column for Wednesday nights, but with so many games tonight’s schedule was just too good to pass up.

Here are the four games I bet on, and remember, you can track all of my picks in the Action Network app.

Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Detroit Pistons

This is a match and a good cash game.

For starters, the Pistons are running the fifth-most pick-and-rolls, including assists per game this season. Their biggest weakness is against screen-level coverage. Their offensive rating against drop defenses is 88.8. Bad, but not horrible (39th percentile). Their offensive rating against teams playing level is 77.5, 18th percentile.

The Cavs play a top 10 level and are one of the best pick and roll teams in the league. It’s a disappointing place, of course, with the Cavaliers coming off a huge win over Boston in overtime. But last season, the Cavs were 10-4, 8-6 ATS as favorites against divisional teams.

This is a short flight to Detroit compared to other road trips. Detroit is 22-16-1 ATS since the start of last season as a home dog, according to

I make this line 14 based on adjusted preseason power ratings, and regular season small sample numbers have it even higher, even with Detroit’s win over the Warriors.

Even with the first move against me, I’m ready to trust Cleveland. I like them down to -6.5.

Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics

It’s a half unit play of me here. I show about a point advantage here over the Celtics and I like the location. After a loss on Wednesday, at home, against a team they lost to last week.

The Bulls are good and fun, I legitimately enjoy watching them. But the advantage here in Boston is too much. The Celtics defense is starting to look a little better, and that should be the difference.

Toronto Raptors vs. Dallas Mavericks

The Bet: Over 216.5 | Raptors ML +135 (0.5 units)

I have this pattern way above the number, thanks to the Mavericks’ horrible transition defense, which ranks fourth. Dallas is also 20th in half-court defense, which will help the Raptors rank 16th in half-court offense.

Expect Toronto to go down steadily. Luka will do his thing, although the Raptors’ defensive patterns should make it difficult. I will also be looking for Pascal Siakam’s props who have been dynamite this season; the Mavericks really don’t have a power forward to adequately match Siakam.

Utah Jazz vs Los Angeles Lakers

The bet: Jazz +2.5 | Jazz ML +130 (0.5u)

The Lakers have won two in a row. The Lakers figured out how to get more minutes from Russell Westbrook. The Lakers have the No. 2 defense in the league.

Yeah, who cares, I’m ready to fade them again.

If Dyson Daniels makes a free throw and Matt Ryan doesn’t hit an incredible buzzer fadeaway shot, the Pelicans win and cover Wednesday.

This Jazz isn’t a favorite like the Pels were on Wednesday, they’re dogs here. Brandon Anderson wrote about the big mathematical advantages the Jazz are building with every game. The Lakers are anti-math. They allow the eighth most 3-point attempts per 100 possessions and are 21st in their own attempt rate.

It’s a numbers game. I don’t see the Lakers as having taken a big turn. Jazz have been better so far this season, and my number makes this Jazz -4. I’m good with Utah at all costs.

How would you rate this article?

NBA Mock Trade: Thunder Cash In on Spurs’ Jakob Poeltl Tue, 01 Nov 2022 22:33:44 +0000

The Thunder, who have now won three games in a row behind emerging star Shai Gilgeous-Alexander, continue to edge closer and closer to a return to the NBA Playoffs.

It might not be this year, but with second overall selection Chet Holmgren, a new 2023 Draftee and more, they could be looking to make a run next season.

But the list is still quite far. In order to iron out the issues and tighten up, they will be looking to add trades players through their unprecedented cache of draft picks.

Luckily for them, a player who screams the name of general manager Sam Presti has reportedly become available.