Bronny James could play in Australia next year: fans react

SPRINGFIELD, MA – JANUARY 18: Sierra Canyon Trailblazers goalie Bronny James (0) warms up before the first half of the Spalding Hoophall Classic High School basketball game between the Dominican Knights and the Sierra Canyon Trailblazers on January 18, 2020 in Blake Arena in Springfield, MA (Photo by John Jones/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Bronny James’ future is undecided. He is currently 17 and will be playing his senior year at Sierra Canyon next season. However, the gap year between high school and the NBA remains a mystery.

Bronny is expected to enter the 2024 NBA Draft, but will he go to college or overseas in 2023? According to a report, Australia is a serious landing spot for the young basketball star next year.

“According @TheAthleticit is @joevardonAustralia could be a potential landing spot for Bronny James next year,” the NBL wrote.

“If this kid comes to town imagine what it will do for the league. Please NBL do everything you can,” one fan wrote.

“Nothing about Lebron James suggests he would want any of his children on any continent other than him,” one fan said.

“Australia would be a good place to watch Lamelo’s development,” another fan wrote.

“Lost in the excitement is the fact that Bronny might not even be an NBA draft-level prospect. Are you still trying to get him if you’re the NBL? Absolutely. That’s is LeBron’s son,” Michael Houben said.

“Wow if that’s true that will be huge for the future of basketball in this country,” one fan commented.

Australian basketball would explode in popularity if Bronny James went overseas.

It’s also plausible that James will take his talents to the college level. He is currently the 43rd prospect overall in the 247Sports composite.

Major programs like Duke, Kansas, Kentucky and North Carolina should be in the mix for the rising star if he considers the idea of ​​playing in college.

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