Basketball: Underdone Tall Ferns finally on board for the Asian Cup in Jordan

With MIQ spots going like gold dust and international flights canceled at short notice, getting there has been a logistical nightmare.

There was a lot of baggage for the Tall Ferns to board this flight.

“I felt like this was never going to happen,” said forward Tessa Boagni.

This is because of the challenge of getting places in MIQ to come home.

Every time we got a spot we celebrated like we just won the World Cup, ”said Leonard King of Basketball New Zealand.

And there have been other complications, for the members of the Australian team, including their coach.

“Just last week, some flights were canceled at the last moment,” Guy Molloy explains.

That’s something the man in charge of bringing the team to the Asian Cup had to get used to.

“We had 14 different scenarios planned for the trip to Jordan and to compete in the Asian Cup,” King said.

“At the moment, we are at number 12.”

There are also challenges on the ground.

When they first arrive in Jordan together, they will have a little over a week to prepare for the tournament.

“We haven’t been together as a team at all since the 2019 Olympic qualifiers,” said Boagni.

New Zealand’s first game is against Korea on September 27.

Watch the video above for the full story

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