An NBA fan explains why Kevin Durant will be the NBA’s No. 2 player for his entire career: “Your whole career, you’re No. 2 behind LeBron and when he gets older, Giannis is the new No. 1.”

Kevin Durant has been under fire for a while now. First, he was heavily criticized when he joined the Golden State Warriors in 2016, part of a 73 win that easily won back-to-back titles in 2017 and 2018. Then he drew more criticism after leaving the Warriors and joining the Brooklyn Nets in 2019.

This summer, fans added one more reason to hate KD when he asked for a trade from the Nets, which raised a lot of eyebrows around the league. The criticism hasn’t stopped, and while Durant constantly fires back at them, it’s not going to end anytime soon.

This situation has led to a lot of debate around the league, with fans wondering if Durant can be considered the best player in the NBA right now. It’s a title he’s tried to take away from LeBron James, but not everyone is convinced he could pull it off. Now that new superstars are emerging, it doesn’t look like KD will be considered the best player in the world anytime soon.

NBA fan says Kevin Durant will always be NBA’s No. 2 player

The Basketball Forever Instagram page recently addressed the issue, stirring the pot with a bold claim that suggests KD never was and won’t be the best player in the NBA. First he couldn’t get past LeBron James, and now there’s a new leader in the association: Giannis Antetokounmpo.

Imagine being KD. Your whole career you’re #2 behind LeBron, then when LeBron finally gets old, Giannis enters his prime and becomes the new #1 💀

As usual, whenever someone makes this type of claim, many fans have something to say about it. While some agreed with the statement, others defended Durant and even mentioned the years he was the best ball player in the world.

Imagine thinking that!

that’s what happens when you join a 73-9 team… a tarnished legacy and he’s still in the league, look how bad it gets once he’s 10 years out of the league

KD best player in the world 2017-2022 but you can keep spreading your stories.

Steph is number 1

Kd was never that guy

How is Giannis number 1? Because he’s more capable? 😂

KD overtook Lebron as the best player 5 years ago

delete that

And join team 73-9 to get the ring 💁🏽

This page skews like hell lol smh

You are really messing with this man😭

Durant was the best player from 2018 to 2021 minus the year he sat out due to injury

Who said Bron wasn’t number 1 anymore?

True hoopers know and respect the greatness of Durants 🔥

Relax on KD! Enjoy his game cause you will miss him when he hangs them up

Kevin Durant’s name always stirs controversy, even more, when people make these claims. The two-time NBA champion is preparing to face another NBA season with the Brooklyn Nets, trying to finally compete for the championship, but it won’t be an easy task. If he fails again, it will be difficult to defend Durant.

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