AI bodycams on players set to change basketball forever

Basketball fans will soon be able to enjoy a fully immersive match experience like never before, thanks to AI-powered live body cameras worn by their favorite players.

Israeli startup MindFly today announced a pioneering deal to equip its body cameras to players in the EuroLeague, Europe’s premier professional basketball club competition.

Fans will, for the first time, be able to watch, hear and experience a first person point of view (FPV) – which captures everything players do on the field. That’s as close as they can get to being the real star of the game.

Ultra-lightweight body cameras built into players’ vests use image stabilization technology (like Steadicam) to eliminate shaking and AI to ensure they’re focused on where the game is. stock.

The technology intuitively “understands” the action on location and follows it automatically without the intervention of a director or camera crew.

MindFly founders from right to left: Eran Tal, CEO, and Yehuda Elmaliach, CTO. Photo by Osnat Krasnanski

It seamlessly switches between different body cameras to cover all angles, sharing highlights with viewers in professional-grade 4K HD video in near real-time.

“MindFly’s FPV solution will take fans directly to the pitch during matches and training sessions and deepen relationships between fans, players, clubs and leagues,” said Alex Ferrer, Senior Director, Marketing and communication from the EuroLeague.

MindFly, which has offices in Tel Aviv and Barcelona, ​​recently signed a deal with EuroLeague member Bayern Munich. It is currently showing clips of key moments from its matches and training sessions, and is preparing to expand its coverage to full matches. The technology has also been tested at other EuroLeague clubs since October 2021.

At the start of next season, two or three players from EuroLeague teams will start wearing body cameras during matches and MindFly’s cloud-based artificial intelligence (AI) system will create FPV highlights for networks. EuroLeague social groups. More players can be fitted with body cameras, as well as referees and other match officials.

A player wearing the body camera. Photo by MindFly

MindFly’s output can be streamed on TV, smartphones, tablets and laptops and a host of other media channels. EuroLeague also plans to convert the content into non-fungible tokens (NFTs) and sell it to EuroLeague fans, so they can own their favorite sporting moments forever.

“Finally, we have found an AI First Person Point of View solution that is 100% safe, 100% portable and 100% invisible,” said EuroLeague Chief Innovation Officer Marc Bertomeu.

“We are currently in advanced negotiations to sign deals with several major football clubs and leagues in Europe and with several major broadcasters,” said Eran Tal, co-founder and CEO of MindFly and veteran of startups Evrideo, and

The MindFly AI-powered body camera. Photo by MindFly

“We will expand our partnerships globally over the coming year, focusing on clubs, leagues and top broadcasters in Europe and the United States. Our message to clubs and players is “ you wear the vest, we do the rest”.

MindFly’s disruptive technology is designed to allow fans of any sport to watch a game from the player’s perspective.

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