After Positive Survey Gustafson $100,000 Loan Campaign

After Positive Survey Gustafson $100,000 Loan Campaign

Gustafson: “We’re here to win it.”

COLLINGSWOOD — Fresh off an internal poll, conducted by a company that accurately predicted the New Jersey election, that puts her within five points of Republican congressional candidate Donald Norcross in the First Congressional District of New Jersey. New Jersey, Claire Gustafson, loaned her campaign $100,000 today.

“Between our data and anecdotal evidence that Democrats have very similar numbers to ours, we know we have our best shot at eventually kicking the political cartel out of South Jersey,” Claire Gustafson said. “We are here to win it. That’s why, after many prayers and discussions with my family, I decided to make a significant investment in my own campaign.

“Make no mistake, this campaign is not just about flipping CD1.” Gustafson continued, “I will do as I have always done and help reduce the ballot races. In Gloucester County, we have a great opportunity to elect two more commissioners and a county clerk. At the municipal level, our data shows we can help win seats in Burlington, Camden and Gloucester County. We intend to help them win.

“I’m not a rich woman, and my brother is not the head of a political cartel, I hope my investment will keep donors away because we know this race will cost over $100,000. Every dollar that I spend forces South Jersey political cartel money to stay here in CD1 and not help targeted Democrats, which makes this campaign a good investment for any Republican,” Gustafson said.

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