Adam Sandler spotted dimes in basketball game, earns respect in NBA Twitter


Now from the point guard: Happy Gilmore.

Actor and comedian Adam Sandler is a huge fan of hoops; his love for basketball tends to feature in his movies, and he’s actually pretty good, too. Or, at least, better than your average YMCA vacuum cleaner.

In the videos that surfaced on Monday, Sandler reminded people of this. Showing up in a polo shirt and shorts that were maybe three or four sizes too big, Sandler dropped some nice passes to his teammates and set the internet on fire.

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Unfortunately for Sandler, a few of the passes on the point were actually bricked, even with looks wide open. Such is the life of pickup games.

Sandler is an avid Knicks fan who can be found on the field during New York games, often with fellow superfan Spike Lee. Sandler starred in 2019’s “Uncut Gems”, portraying a gambling addict and owner of a jewelry store going into deep water with Kevin Garnett on a bet placed on the 2012 Eastern Conference semi-finals between the Celtics and the 76ers.

Needless to say, Sandler’s outfit and play caught the attention of NBA Twitter

If Sandler can continue, maybe he will start at the Knicks point guard in 2021-22.


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