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Loans for a Big Celebration

Stop deliberating where we spend it, what we eat and how much we drink! Let’s face it, the end of the year parties are very nice but, every December, they bring the same discussions.

Change something or renew everything so that the parties become unique each time. Ideas to include in the end of the year celebrations


Don’t you get tired of saying and always doing the same? So why not change things this time? Let’s think together about alternatives, original celebrations, different details to share with the family.

Christmas is for children

Christmas is for children

Nothing better than to spend it surrounded by boys and enjoy their joy. But of course, you have to entertain them until 12 … A good idea is to create a Christmas contest between them. Buy red and green cards and put them to work on Christmas Eve. Everyone should draw a simple ornament for the tree (bells, canes, stars, etc.) and the best will win prizes. Of course, all your creations will be so great that there will be a reward for everyone.

Another original way to celebrate, which also saves, is to exchange gifts for the tree. They can implement “the invisible friend”: a few weeks before they raffle who gives to whom. So, everyone buys a single gift but everyone receives something nice. Another option is to buy good generic gifts. At Christmas, each one carries his gift and before distributing them they put the names in a bag and draw. The good thing is that then you can make agreements and exchange!

Let’s move on to the food


I don’t tell you not to eat sweet bread or forget Russian salad, but innovating on the menu will be very refreshing at these parties. I continued with the Christmas tradition and the classic dishes of your family, but added, for example, original appetizers or offered thematic tickets of some country: sushi (what a top I am!) Or oriental empanadas, Mexican nachos, an Italian antipasto or something Typical of the region of your guests. You will surprise them!

Do you need money for all this?


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